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Yorin FM Chat 09-04-2002 Part 2


Rebecca: the most beautiful movie...
Rebecca: my top 3
Rebecca: sound of music, the royal tennenbaums and
rowdy: hello rebecca do you make more movies or not?
Rebecca: the graduate
RRF-webmaster: What's your favourite muppet character?
Eminem: animal of course!
Stevedoc: because he is a drummer too?
STADSRADIO: have you seen gladiator, that is my favourite!!
Rebecca: yes i love gladiator it is fantastic
Rebecca: and of course Amelie
rowdy: and pearl harbor?
STADSRADIO: yeah that' is super
Eminem: What do you think about Scary Movie
Rebecca: Amelie is in my top 10 all time favourites!
STADSRADIO: i have also seen that movie, very very special and really funny
Rebecca: no i didn't really like pearl harbor
Rebecca: it is too big
rowdy: rebecca do you like antonio or do you have a boyfriend?
Rebecca: femme fatale is different
Rebecca: brian de palma took some changes and did something different
Rebecca: smaller
Rebecca: all the big ones are become more similar
rowdy: the animal is the best
Rebecca: i like animal because he is crazy and really makes me laugh
Rebecca: and is rockin
ty4000: still 9 hours of make-up for X2? or have they economized it for you?
Rebecca: thanks for asking! Thank god it is only 5 hours now
RRF-webmaster: After X2 comes X3?
Rebecca: it depends on how well x2 will do
Rebecca: but is the idea
Rebecca: we just have to wait till x2 opens
Rebecca: may 3rd it will open in america
RRF-webmaster: I'm waiting for it.
Rebecca: same weekend as spiderman opened on the same weekend
Rebecca: we have already an hour of the movie cut together and it looks really good
Karina: With which actor would you like to do a movie?
Rebecca: there are so many actors i would like to work with
Rebecca: for my next movie i am meeting a lot of actors and directors
Rebecca: i would really love to work with David Fincher, PT Anderson, Wes Anderson
Rebecca: i am dying to work with the Coen brothers
Rebecca: and i would love to work with george clooney
rowdy: rebecca what is your favourite radiostation (yorinfm)?
Rebecca: my favourite radiostation ...
Rebecca: it depends
Rebecca: i travel a lot
Rebecca: there are no good radiostations in california
Rebecca: i mostly listen to cds
RRF-webmaster: rebecca, do you like the fansites on the web are making about you and what is your favourite one?
Rebecca: i don't really know them
Rebecca: some are very upsetting
Rebecca: so i try to avoid them
Macil: Rebecca, how did you enter the acting "world"
Rebecca: i started off when modelling was getting very boring
Rebecca: then i had my own tv show on mtv
Rebecca: and then the offers came slowly
Rebecca: some of them were awfull
Rebecca: but when i started doing it i found out that i really liked it
Rebecca: and now it is something i cannot live withoud
Rebecca: t
Macil: great
Rebecca: the more i learn the more i know i don't want to stop
ty4000: how was it working with Brian DePalma for "Femme Fatale" ... he likes to cast blondes!
Rebecca: working with brian de palma was absolutely amazing
Rebecca: he is an amazing storyteller
Rebecca: he wrote the movie and knew exactly how he wanted it to be
Rebecca: i had to trust him a lot
Rebecca: sometimes that was a hard thing to do but
Rebecca: he is just amazing
Rebecca: a great storyteller
Stevedoc: RRF-webmaster has a good site, we work on a Fan Mailing List together on Yahoo, care to drop
Stevedoc: by and keep us updated on things
Rebecca: is it a fan site for me?
Rebecca: thank you
Rebecca: i will check it out
Stevedoc: Of Couse!!!
ty4000: do you know when "Femme Fatale" will open in the U.S.?
Rebecca: it will open here November 8th
ty4000: "Femme Fatale" is your first duo lead (Rollerball was a trio).. do you anticipate a solo
Rebecca: who knows, i don't know
Rebecca: when it doesn't work out at least it won't be my fault.
Macil: Do you spend a lot of time on the internet? or do you like to do other things?
Rebecca: I did before but unfortunately my computer got flooded three weeks ago
Rebecca: and i have to buy a new one
RRF-webmaster: it's a fansite about you
Jessica: I heard rumors that you and Catherine Zeta-Jones will be in a movie together. Is that true?
Rebecca: no it is not true
GJ: Can you give a sneap peak into the story of X2
Rebecca: i can say NOTHING
GJ: to bad
Rebecca: hundreds and hundreds are working on the film and the haven't even read the script
GJ: but I understand
Rebecca: great i will check it out. What is the address?
RRF-webmaster: is the address.
Rebecca: thank you very much RRF-webmaster
Rebecca: as soon as i get my computer back i will check it out
RRF-webmaster: Thanks for coming to my website Rebecca
Macil: Acting is a full-time job, but before you got to that, what did you do??
Rebecca: i was modelling, in the fashion world which was also a full time job. By the way welcome to the show
Hugosan: What's your most favorite hobby?
Rebecca: my husband and i just moved to a ranch
Rebecca: so now we have space and time for gardening
Rebecca: a vegetable garden
Rebecca: but my favourite hobby is hang out with my dog Landor
Macil: Where did you here about this vipchatting??
Rebecca: it was scheduled and i was invited
Hugosan: Which languages do you speak?
Rebecca: i speak quite a bit of dutch, spanish and french
GJ: Is there any part in a movie that you would have loved to play (a movie that was already made)
Rebecca: so many
Rebecca: but my number 1 dream role would be Sandy in Grease
RRF-webmaster: Are you at home while you're chatting now?
Rebecca: yes i am
lalamen: rebecca love you music R and B????
Rebecca: i love r and b yes
Ialamen: I am
Rebecca: thank you for spending time on it
Hugosan: What's your favorite holiday country then?
Rebecca: i'd say mexico i love coming to Europe but it is far to travel
Rebecca: the people are fun in mexico
Rebecca: and it is closeby
lalamen: yes
Karina: Rebecca you have a great voice! Do you plan to sing again?
Rebecca: i would love to do something on broadway one day
Rebecca: don't know what
Rebecca: john is working, dancing and singing in NY
Rebecca: I wish you could see him too
Rebecca: john is dancing with red sparkling nipples!!!!
Ty4000: John is the lead in Cabaret here in NYC!? Wow....
GJ: but Rebecca how did you end up in this chat session is this as in a promotion for femme
GJ: fatale or just because you wanted to do this
Rebecca: both promotionally for femme fatale and because I like it
Rebecca: especially now
Rebecca: the session is supposed to end now
RRF-webmaster: Thanks for the chat!!!
Karina: thank you for taking the time to chat
Rebecca: thank you!
GJ: but???you like chatting with us so much you'll hang around with us til 8?? ;)
Ty4000: U RULE!!
GJ: are you chatting somewhere else soon?
Rebecca: thank you everybody!!!!!

Unanswered questions

Enimen: Rebecca do you like holland
Evelyne: who was your best opponent in al the movies you played!?
Enimen: Do you have any pets?
Evelyne: How is to play with a great actor as Antonio Banderas?!
Karina: with which actor would you like to do a movie?
Eminem: Do You Have A E-mail Adres
Stevedoc: Do you ever surf the net to see what is written about you?
STADSRADIO: what is your favourite food, rebecca?
MoveUp: what do u like the most fom urself?
rowdy: rebecca do you have a boyfriend?
Evelyne: Do you ever get recognized when you're in Holland?!
ty4000: do you get to do martial arts still?
evelyne: How did your career as a model start?
Macil: What was your first real succes?
GJ: do you have a official website
lalamen: end you love pop?
Hugosan: What's your most favorite town to go on holiday to in Mexico?

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