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11-06-2002: Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NBC)


Conan O'Brien: All right, everybody, we are back. My first guest is one of the most beautiful women in the world. And starting today, you can see her in her first starring role in the new Brian de Palma film, "Femme Fatale." Please welcome Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Rebecca Romijn: How do I -- how do I follow up the masturbating Robocop?

Conan: If anyone can do it, Rebecca, you can.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: Thank you, sir.

Conan: I think you're up to the challenge. How are you?

Rebecca: I'm good.

Conan: Yeah. Well, first of all, I don't think this is any secret, today is your birthday.

Rebecca: Yes, it is.

Conan: This is exciting. Happy birthday.

Rebecca: Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ] 30 years old.

Conan: Oh, you're 30?

Rebecca: 30, yes.

Conan: 30, that's a big birthday.

Rebecca: Does that turn you off?

Conan: Not at all.

[ Laughter ] What you are talking about? Yes, 30, ew. Yuck.

Rebecca: By the way, you guys really went all out dressing up my dressing room backstage. They made a big banner. I think it was one of the pages of your monologue with "happy birthday, Rebecca" in pencil, shoved in the mirror.

Conan: That was me.

Rebecca: No scotch taping.

Conan: I thought that would be very creepy if I did that. No --

Rebecca: Thanks for going all out on that.

Conan: Well, you know, I'm a big guy in the business, and I take care of things. 30th birthday. And you could have done anything, and you chose to spend it with Conan O'Brien.

Rebecca: To be right here with you.

Conan: That's amazing. That's proof.

Rebecca: I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Conan: It's almost like you're stalking me, and it's getting --

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: Creepy?

Conan: Creepy. Please, Rebecca.

[ Conan growls ]

[ Laughter ] Just for old time's sake.

[ Conan growls ] It never works.

Rebecca: It stays with me all the time though. I never forget it.

Conan: What, my face leering at you? Yeah.

[ Laughter ]

[ Rebecca growls ]

Conan: Sorry about that. So, what, did you do any celebrating yet today?

Rebecca: Today, I've been doing press all day long. So I feel like I've been doing so much publicity for my birthday. "Hey, it's my birthday, I'm 30."

Conan: Right. Well, are you going to do anything later on? I mean, I know it's late, it's after 12:30, but you could probably still hit a bar or something.

Rebecca: No, I'm having a dinner and -- I have got to get on a plane in the morning at 5:00, I think, so not much.

Conan: You don't have to be sober to ride on a plane. You just can't fly it.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: Right, exactly.

Conan: You can show up completely trashed.

Rebecca: Okay.

Conan: That's not against regulations.

Rebecca: Okay, I'll take your advice on that.

Conan: You had the L.A. Premiere of this movie. Let's talk about that.

Rebecca: Two nights ago, yeah.

Conan: That must have been a big deal. Did you go with a lot of people?

Rebecca: Very exciting. My whole family came. The movie -- I'm very proud of it. I worked really hard on it. My parents were there, my sister was there, my in-laws were there. My brothers-in-law, my sisters-in-law, my mother-in-law. There's a lot of sexual content.

Conan: This is a sexy, sexy, sexy movie.

Rebecca: It's a sexual erotic, you know, psychological thriller.

Conan: My description was better.

Sexy, sexy, sexy.

[ Lahthter ]

Rebecca: There's a lot of stuff I did not want those people seeing. And so I was embarrassed to look my mother-in-law in the eye after the movie, and finally, you know, I walked up to her and she gave me a big hug. And I said, "I'm very embarrassed right now." And she said, "don't be silly, you didn't do anything in that movie that I've never done."

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ] And I'm like --

Conan: You're kidding. Let's talk to her.

Rebecca: No! Apparently --

Conan: Let's get her out here.

Rebecca: Apparently, she's been getting it on with Antonio Banderas. Apparently, she's been having girl-on-girl sex. I mean, she's like --

Conan: Let's talk about that in the film.

[ Laughter ] Girl-on-girl sex. There's a bathroom scene with you and another lady. Let's -- I know I make that sound really creepy.

Rebecca: You are making it sound creepy.

Conan: You and another lady.

[ Laughter ] What do you do when you have to shoot a scene like that? I mean, how do you get into that mentality? I know how I'd do it, I want to know how you'd do it.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ] I would need a lot of -- you know --

[ Cheers ] That's the thing about guys. There like, "you have to have an erotic scene now" -- "right, right, here I go" --

[ Laughter ] But you would need to prepare mentally, right?

Rebecca: Right, absolutely. Well, you know, I don't want to take away from the integrity of the movie, because it's a really beautifully -- it's De Palma, and it's De Palma doing what he does best. And so there's a lot to the movie. More than just the girl-on-girl sex.

Conan: I know, but you're talking to me now.

Rebecca: I know, I know.

Conan: Other people you're talking to can say, "yes, this is symbolism here."

[ Laughter ] But now you're with me, and we got to talk about the ladies.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: And plus, I want to sell tickets.

Conan: That's right.

Rebecca: So, you know, sex sells. My girlfriend, reed, not my girlfriend, but my friend, who's a girl.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Tell us more about this girlfriend.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: Lord. This has taken a dark turn. My friend got cast in it. I got an audition --

Conan: Your friend in real life was cast --

Rebecca: My friend in real life was cast as this character. And I thought it might be easier to do this with somebody that I knew, rather than with a perfect stranger.

Conan: See, I would be better with a perfect stranger than somebody I knew.

Rebecca: Well, I don't know.

Conan: I'd be all weird and crazy with someone that I know. But if it was a total stranger, look out.

[ Laughter ] I probably revealed too much there. Let's get back to you.

Rebecca: Can we stop talking about this now?

Conan: Yeah.

Rebecca: I'm so uncomfortable.

Conan: That's what I do.

[ Laughter ] I take someone who is very comfortable and happy and make them uncomfortable and creeped out. But this was -- so this is part of the film. You did this. And so, did you have to have a shot of whiskey or something before you did that scene to kind of loosen up?

Rebecca: I did. No, for that scene -- that scene is actually -- I play a con artist, and she's just trying to do what she's got to do to get the job done. She's got to get the jewels. So she makes out with the girl just to take her jewels off.

Conan: Right. That's how most jewel thieves wowork.

Rebecca: So I had a lot of business to do, baiting and switching, and this and that. But there's a striptease in the movie that I did. I did have to take the edge off with a shot of tequila.

Conan: As a model for so many years, you were used to wearing a thong and going -- you know what I mean -- and going, "woo."

Rebecca: Yeah, but that's just like -- it's so --

Conan: It's so different.

Rebecca: It's so different like being sexy on command. And I had to ask a lot of the guys to leave the room. At least with a love scene, there's somebody else to react with, and you get to share the moment. When it's just you, it's like, "is this working?"

[ Laughter ]

Conan: Right, 'cause it's just a bunch of guys sitting around --

Rebecca: Yeah, they're not allowed to make any noise. They can't hoot and holler or anything. It's like working into a vacuum. I couldn't tell if it was --

Conan: I'm sure it was working just fine.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: Please see the movie and find out.

Conan: Let's talk about your husband, John Stamos. Or as I call him Stamos! Stamos! Stamos!

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Rebecca: There's an official effect now. Is there actually a button --

Conan: That is not an effect. I can just do that.

Rebecca: That's amazing.

Conan: That's my frustrated rage.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: How do you do that? I want to do that. I think that would come in handy.

Conan: I heard that he got himself a part in the movie.

Rebecca: Well, he didn't get -- he has has a cameo --

[ Audience ohs ] He has a cameo in the movie as Antonio's agent just over the phone. He had come to Paris to visit me -- we shot it in Paris. So he'd come for a couple weeks. Antonio and John were very funny on the set. And so, Brian De Palma called him up one morning and asked him to come and play the voice of Antonio's agent. They improvised the whole thing. It was very fun.

Conan: If I had shown up, just on the spur of the moment, could I have been in the movie?

Rebecca: Quite possibly.

Conan: That is such a lie.

[ Laughter ] That is such a blow off. Come on. What if I had hung out on the movie set wearing a beret and just showing off my acting ability, couldn't I have been a voice on the phone?

Rebecca: If we were married, there's a good chance --

Conan: Oh, so that had something to do with it!

[ Conan laughs ]

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Rebecca: You are crazy. The truth of the matter is --

Conan: I'm just kidding.

Rebecca: -- John's -- he's been here doing "cabaret" for the last six months, and I've seen the show like 40 or 50 times, and he was mind-blowing in the show. And everyone's been asking me about the, you know, "how does john feel watching you kiss this girl in this movie and everything?" I watched John grab wiener every night for, you know, six months straight, you know.

[ Laughter ] That's what, eight shows a week. Eight wiener grabs --

Conan: Stamos, not so threatening to Conan now.

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: You do the math.

Conan: What's he grabbing wiener for?

Rebecca: In "cabaret." It's part of the show.

Conan: Stamos! Stamos! Stamos!

[ Laughter ]

Rebecca: You want to grab wiener?

Conan: No.

Rebecca: He's backstage, you can grab his wiener if you want.

[ Laughter ]

Conan: What the hell happened here? No, I don't want to grab his wiener. I don't even think we can say grab wiener on tv?

Rebecca: Seriously? But your frustration is something underneath it.

Conan: There is.

Rebecca: It's like this frustration is hiding something.

Conan: Maybe I love John.

Rebecca: Maybe.

Conan: Naw.

[ Laughter ] All right. We have a clip here from the movie. What do we need to do to understand this clip? Because you're actually playing two people.

Rebecca: I play two characters in the movie. The movie's kind of sort of about second chances, and I think this is a clip where we're talking about that.

Conan: This is you talking to another character who's played by you?

Rebecca: By me also, yeah.

Conan: All right, let's take a look at this clip.

Rebecca: Okay.

Rebecca: Now, listen, I know you got a bad break, but that's history, and you better forget it. Because if you can't, well, then you may as well go ahead and pull the trigger. But if you don't end it here, and you get on that plane to America, your future will be sitting right next to you. His name is Bruce and he's a really good guy, and he's going to look into your eyes and you're going to fall in love. And after that, you're on your own. So what do you say?

[ Cheers and applause ]

Conan: When I first saw that, I didn't think that was you, the other woman.

Rebecca: With the black hair?

Conan: Yeah.

Rebecca: Yeah.

Conan: That's got to be hard to do.

Rebecca: Put on a wig?

Conan: Who are you acting to in that scene? Because they obviously --

Rebecca: They had a stand-in.

Conan: Okay, so they had -- they didn't just like put a bucket there. Because that's hard to do.

Rebecca: Well, yeah.

Conan: That's cool.

Rebecca: Thank you.

Conan: And you know, I have a lot of power in the industry, so me saying that will clearly influence everything.

Rebecca: Thank you. I hope you get the word out.

Conan: Yeah, I will. "Femme Fatale" is in theaters now. And also, happy birthday, and thanks so much for coming by.

Rebecca: Thank you. Thanks so much.

Conan: Great to have you here. Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.

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