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After The Divorce


Does this sound like a couple who are going their separate ways? John Stamos told "Access Hollywood" he and model-actress Rebecca Romijn still "adore" each other. He says they're "really good friends" and he thinks they "just needed some time apart." "It's so weird because ... you are so crazy in love and all of a sudden weird things happen," Stamos said. Stamos, 40, wasn't saying what those "weird things" are. He is saying the break up isn't easy for either of them. Compounding that is all the publicity, which "is just terrible" and is making it "really hard" for them, he said. So hard, that the other day they were "both crying on the phone." "(It) just undermines the importance" of their 10-year relationship, he said. Stamos, the former "Full House" star, and Romijn, 31, split in April after five years of marriage.

Original article: Miami Herald

John Stamos on Rebecca Romijn

Stamos: You know what was funny about that night, the premiere of X-Men 2. We went to that together, but we had already been split up for like 6 months, I just couldn’t say anything.

Original article:

John Stamos files for divorce from Rebecca Romijn

"Full House" actor John Stamos has filed for divorce from "X-Men" actress Rebecca Romijn. Court papers were filed Thursday (08-19-2004, RRF) in Los Angeles County Superior Court. (Case Number BD412224) Papers filed by the star seeking a split based on "irreconcilable differences." The two have said they will keep things civil and the legal papers show there is apparently no prenuptial agreement, meaning a judge will have to divide all the property.

The couple announced in April (2004, RRF) that they were separating after five years of marriage. At the time, publicist Lewis Kay said the split was "amicable." They have no children.

The couple met in 1994 at a Victoria's Secret fashion show where she was a model and began dating two months later. They married in September 1998.

Original article:

Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos are officially separated

Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos are officially separated on February 24, 2005. On this date a Notice of Entry of Judgement was filed at the Los Angeles Superior Court, which is a court form telling the parties about the judge's decision in a lawsuit.

Here's a short summary of the case:

Case Number: BD412224

Filing Date: 08/19/2004
Case Type: Dissolution of Marriage (General Jurisdiction)
Status: Stipulated Judgment 02/24/2005

Documents Filed (Filing dates listed in descending order)

02/24/2005 Notice-Entry-Judgment
02/24/2005 Judgment
02/24/2005 Declaration-Default
02/24/2005 Stipulation, Appearance & Waivers
12/29/2004 Declaration-Serv Final Decl of Dis (Petitioner)
12/21/2004 Declaration-Disclosure (Respondent)
08/24/2004 Response (Respondent)
08/19/2004 Petition (Petitioner)
08/19/2004 Summons-Family Law (Petitioner)

Divorce Papers Pictures

Rebecca tells why Stamos is her ex-man

"X-Men" stunner Rebecca Romijn, her "Crossing Jordan"-star boyfriend Jerry O'Connell and "Oprah" interior decorator Nate Berkus dished about their love lives during an intimate poolside lunch on Saturday (04-23-2005, RRF) at The Four Seasons Hotel in L.A. The juicy stuff was traded within earshot of a Lowdown spy.

"Did you start dating instantly as soon as your marriage broke up?" Berkus was heard asking John Stamos' ex-wife, whose flack officially announced their separation in April 2004, after five years of marriage.

"Yeah, but we'd actually been separated a year before we told the press about it," Romijn confided. "We were in couples' therapy before and after we separated, and we briefly got back together. But we fought from the very beginning, and we just fought and fought. I just got so sick of John being mad all the time. He was always so mad."

As for O'Connell, Romijn told Berkus they initially met briefly at the Beverly Hills Hotel five years ago. "He made me laugh," she recalled. But they didn't become an item until June 2004, when they met in Las Vegas - poolside at the Hard Rock Hotel - where Romijn was on hand for the Maxim Hot 100 party.

Yesterday, Hollywood flack Lewis Kay - who reps both Romijn and Stamos - said only: "It is unfortunate that your source would eavesdrop on what was obviously a private and personal conversation."

Original article:

Romijn talks about Stamos Breakup

Rebecca Romijn recently revealed that she slipped into depression following her split from John Stamos. "I went through a lot of red wine. And a lot of therapy," the actress was quoted by Grazia magazine as saying.

"I had six or eight months where I was clinically depressed." The actress, now married to fellow thespian Jerry O'Connell, reportedly refused to pop pills. "I'd rather self-medicate and stick with red wine," she said. "It might not make me feel good the next day, but I know it's gonna be out of my system."

Original article:

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