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Skibird2: Do you have any plans to go into the studio to record music, and if so, what type?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm really into musical theater--I'm not sure I could cut it as a rock star. But I'd say I like different kinds of music.

Knight4jeri: Would you wear the paint again as Mystique if they asked you back? How bad was it to have them paint your soles? Did it tickle a lot?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm definitely coming back as Mystique in X-Men 2, and we start in May (2002, RRF). By the way, it wasn't my soles that tickled the most.

Buffycandygirl: How did you train for Rollerball? Were you on a special diet?
Rebecca Romijn: I had to learn to ride a motorcycle in two days. By the third day, I was shooting, and on the fourth, I did my first stunt. I've never been so scared in my entire life. And no, I've never been on a special diet.

Kathinnyc: Hi, Rebecca. Years ago, we attended UC Santa Cruz at the same time, and we were both in a musical theater class. I've been thrilled for you and all your success, as I have great memories of you. I'm curious whether you've thought of pursuing Broadway, since you have such a terrific voice. Congratulations again, and continued success!
Rebecca Romijn: Hi, Kathy. I have really good memories of that class. I absolutely want to sing again at some point and would love to sing on Broadway, if I was given the opportunity.

Barrman: You're a great actress. Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
Rebecca Romijn: Lucille Ball, Goldie Hawn and Marilyn Monroe. They are three woman who have been able to bridge the gap between sexy and funny--a rare and amazing combination of talents.

Jess0880: If there is one thing you could change about yourself, what would it be, and why?
Rebecca Romijn: I wish I could be more patient.

Ameyer2: Is it true you wanted to hire a female midget to strip for John Stamos' birthday party?
Rebecca Romijn: No, not true!

Kmounce: Being in Hollywood, you and your husband must face a lot of temptation. How does your spiritual life help you deal with those temptations?
Rebecca Romijn: John and I have to deal with the same temptations any couple faces, and it requires the basics of any relationship: trust, honesty and compromise.

Kmars213: I think you have such an adorable personality and charming smile. I would love to know what makes you laugh.
Rebecca Romijn: I think farts are pretty funny!

Looney_tune_us: Have you ever been approached to pose nude for Playboy, and would you consider it if such an offer were made?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes, they have approached me several times over the years, but I don't have plans to do it--ever.

Thezeppo: Coming from the Netherlands, I have this question: Having a Dutch parent, what is Dutch about you, if anything?
Rebecca Romijn: I am first-generation American. My first language was Dutch. My family is very practical, as most Dutch are, and I love chocolate and cheese. I'm a big cheese eater.

Lilacgirl: You have one of the most beautiful heads of hair I've ever seen. How do you take care of your hair, and what products do you use, especially since your hair is shorter now?
Rebecca Romijn: It's much easier to take care of now that it's short. Since it's naturally curly and gets worked to death, I keep a conditioning mask in it all day on my days off.

Mollyjones: First of all, you seem really funny, and really in love with John. Second, I read in a magazine that you and he bought the huge entrance sign from Disnyeland and have it in your living room. Is that true? If so, that's really cool. How big is it?
Rebecca Romijn: Yep, it's true, and it's huge! It was more John's idea. But it's not in our living room--nor will it ever be!

Moviephan: You come across as a very down-to-earth, normal person. How do you manage this, given that you have worked in two industries (modeling and acting) that are notorious for spawning prima donnas?
Rebecca Romijn: My family, friends and the people I work with keep me very grounded. Moving from one modeling to acting keeps you humble. It really opens you up to brand-new challenges. I never want to stop being challenged.

Tklr5150: You have such a beautiful smile. Can you tell us if you're ticklish, and where your most ticklish spots are?
Rebecca Romijn: Well, I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours...

Flowerpower: What is your daily regimen to keep yourself in shape?
Rebecca Romijn: When I'm home, I do Pilates every morning and hike with my dog, Landor.

Howardfan: Do you and your husband have any plans to get back together with Howard Stern and his girlfriend? The day when you all called in on his show was hysterical.
Rebecca Romijn: I have no idea what you're talking about or who this Mr. Stern is that you speak of.

Willynilly: What do you like to do when you have spare time? What are your hobbies?
Rebecca Romijn: I want to get into gardening. John and I just moved to a ranch, and now we have lots of space. Our parents are all very much into it, so it's something we want to get into as well.

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