Yorin FM Chat 09-04-2002 Part 1


Here you can read a written transcript from the Yorin FM Chat with Rebecca Romijn from September 4, 2002. In the real-time chat there was a little time difference between the question and Rebecca's answer on it. I have corrected that time difference, so the transcript is easier to read.

Evelyne (Operator): When was the last time you visited Holland and where have you been?
Rebecca: It was last year when I was shooting Femme Fatale and I stayed with my uncle in Ommen.
GJ: hi
Rebecca: I went there a couple of times.
Evelyne: What's your favourite dutch dish?
Rebecca: oh my God erm.
Rebecca: huzarensla
GJ: hahha i hate that!
Rebecca: and the paling
GJ: what about boerenkool?
Rebecca: not bad
GJ: alrighty then
Rebecca: but huzarensla is a funny word to say
Evelyne: Do you know any dutch words?
Rebecca: huzarensla
Rebecca: most of them are dirty
Skunkster: haha
Evelyne: What is it to live next to Uncle Jesse?
Rebecca: uncle jesse is a relic in the past
GJ: oww ok
Rebecca: we laugh a lot
Rebecca: he loves to come to holland with me
GJ: thats very important!
Rebecca: he is also close to my family
Evelyne: What's your favourite website?
Rebecca: the union (RRF: Rebecca means The Onion)
Eminem: hello Rebecca how do you do
Rebecca: very good thank you
Evelyne: Will you make it to Toronto for the Film Fest?
Rebecca: yes i will be there
Rebecca: so i have to be there
Rebecca: i have to be there for X-Men
GJ: Rebecca what is it like playing a character that everybody already knows as a cartoon and
GJ: where everyone has his opinion about?
mfh13: hoi
mfh13: thnx mensen (RRF: thanks people)
Rebecca: you know... there is no way to make everybody happy
Rebecca: and because it's just our vision how the character should be
Rebecca: some will appreciate and other will no
GJ: thats true but i really liked it and i can't wait for X2(thats still the title right?)
Rebecca: so they have to make their own movie about x-men
Rebecca: this is our version
mfh13: it time
Rebecca: yes it is
RRF-webmaster: what surprises has John Stamos for you on your birthday?
Rebecca: my birthday is in November
Rebecca: do you know something i don' know?
RRF-webmaster: are you asking me?
Rebecca: yes
mfh13: my birthday is in maart (RRF: March)
Karina: Hi Rebecca! Do you plan to act in more movies?
Rebecca: I know nothing yet
RRF-webmaster: I think you know yourself better than I know you
Rebecca: absolutely
Rebecca: if i get more opportunities
Rebecca: i love everything about filming
mfh13: it time boys and girls
Rebecca: modelling was quite boring
Eminen: how old are you Rebecca
Rebecca: 30 in November
Evelyne: What do you think of Fake Jansen?
Rebecca: She is great
Rebecca: we are very good friends. We are both on the set in Vancouver
Rebecca: we are really good friends
GJ: When does the filming start for X2???
Rebecca: we already started and we
Rebecca: we already started and we're half way through
Eminen: Rebecca, Do You Have MSN
Rebecca: no we don't
RRF-webmaster: what roll would you like to play in a future movie
Rebecca: the most interesting thing would be completely different roles
Rebecca: i have done something comedies, film noir
Rebecca: probably a normal person
MsDynamite: how do you see yourself in 30 years
Rebecca: a mom
Rebecca: without the glamour
MsDynamite: oke...thanx
Rebecca: no special effects to hide behind
Rebecca: for me on a personal level very exciting
GJ: When are we hearing something again from your husband
Rebecca: my husband is doing a show on broadway
Rebecca: cabaret
Eminen: cool
Rebecca: he is mc
Rebecca: fantastic show really
Rebecca: he is getting amazing reviews
Eminen: How is Antonio Banderas Doing?
Rebecca: i think Antonio is doing well
Enimen: specially my mom likes Antonio
Rebecca: i last met him in Cannes
MsDynamite: and you still live in America?
Rebecca: yes i live in California where i was born and raised
Rebecca: both very nice places
Rebecca: one day i would like to move to holland
RRF-webmaster: why only one day Rebecca?
GJ: Because you're playing with Antonio is there a slight chance you'll be in SPy Kids 2?;)
Rebecca: no spy kids is already finishes
MsDynamite: What is your free day like...?
Rebecca: on my day off i would like to pilates
Rebecca: and hiking with my dog in the mountains
Rebecca: making phone calls
Rebecca: pick up sushi lunch
MsDynamite: sounds good!
Rebecca: go to the movies and go to bed early
Eminem: Do You Like Holland?
Rebecca: i love holland
Rebecca: it really feels like my second home
Eminem: :)
Eminem: My brother likes you
GJ: If you were invisible for one day which celebrity would you play a joke on??
Rebecca: i guess i would play a joke on George W. Bush
GJ: Have a nice day Rebecca and i'm hoping you'll be back in holland soon for the premiere of X2!!!!!
Rebecca: i don't know what i would do but definitely make him look more silly
GJ: Good bye send me an email if you've got some spare time
Skunster: who wouldn't play a joke on W.
GJ: gj_loves_u@hotmail.com !!!!!
RRF-webmaster: you don't like George W. Bush?
STADSRADIO: what do you like the most of being a actress (in a movie
Rebecca: i really like everthing
Rebecca: but right now he is rehersing
Rebecca: so the real acting part
Rebecca: the next movie i do is all about acting
Rebecca: no special effects
MsDynamite: What is your favorite kind of music?
Rebecca: my favourite kind of music is erm
Rebecca: radiohead, prince
Rebecca: dolly parton
Rebecca: eminem
Enimen: yes?
Rebecca: i also love gilbert o'sullivan
Rebecca: and of course nina simone
STADSRADIO: do you also hate some things of being famous
Rebecca: absolutely! There are certain things that are private and some people get access to it
Rebecca: and sometimes it can be a drag
Rebecca: especially with my husband
Rebecca: he has been on the tv for such a long time
Rebecca: and people think they really know him
RRF-webmaster: When I hear this I like it to be unfamous!!!
ty4000: will you be doing more martial arts training for X-Men 2?
Rebecca: we are already half way with the movie
Karina: Do you have a favorite actor/actress?
Rebecca: i have many favourite actors and actresses
ty4000: glad that you won't be the only person in X2 heavy make-up? Alan Cumming...
Rebecca: for the women it will be Susan Sarandon, Goldie Hawn and Lucille ball
Rebecca: and for men... so many
Rebecca: i am a huge fan of Luke and Owen Wilson
Rebecca: george clooney
Rebecca: i think that brad pitt is amazing
Rebecca: there some young guys like josh hartnett who are very good
Rebecca: gene hackman
Eminem: My Mom Likes George Clooney Very Much
Rebecca: i really loved the royal tennenbaums
Rebecca: ben stiller was amazing
Eminem: What's Your Favorite TV-Show
Rebecca: my favourite tv show
Rebecca: six feet under
Rebecca: i am really obsessed with it
Rebecca: it high quality television
Rebecca: my other favourite tv show is trading places
Rebecca: spaces
Rebecca: it is a decorating show
STADSRADIO: what is the most beautiful movie you have ever seen??

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