MSN Chat 04-16-2004


DishDiva: Welcome to MSN Live! This afternoon we are pleased to welcome Rebecca Romijn to MSN Live.
Rebecca Romijn: Hey everybody, it's great to be here, I'm very excited to talk about these movies.
Dish_Diva: Lets get into these questions from your fans.
mbhag in Onstage_1: I heard somewhere that you want to do broadway do you have any broadway plans for the future?
Rebecca Romijn: That is something I would love to do eventually. I studied singing as a teenager but haven't done it in years. I do need to get back into it because it's like a muscle that you lose unless you use it. I am a musical theatre geek. (laughs)
rebeccafanpage in Onstage_1: Rebecca you've played in different movies. What's your favourite character you've played until now?
Rebecca Romijn: I would have to go with Mystique, although characters are children you create. You can't pick one over the other. Aside from the hours in the makeup chair, I'm always excited to get back into Mystique.
DishDiva says: Were you thankful that you didn't have to sit through hours of makeup for "The Punisher" and "Godsend"?
Rebecca Romijn: THRILLED!! Probably the main reason I took both of those roles. (laughs) I went straight into "Godsend" from "X-Men" where I was a mother that wore no makeup and I also got to have little makeup in "The Punisher" playing a sweet girl, a departure. (laughs)
DishDiva: realgirl says: What is De Niro like?
Rebecca Romijn: Well... he's De Niro, so you pinch yourself for the first couple of days. Then you realize he's this low key, mellow, funny kind of guy. He would every once in a while if you're losing the light and have to get the last shot, you start getting that conniption fit laughter and De Niro would do that and you realize he's human!! (laughs) And once he got started laughing there was nothing you could do about it.
DishDiva: Tell us about these two roles you play in "The Punisher" and "Godsend."
Rebecca Romijn: In "The Punisher" I play Joan who lives down the building from The Punisher and she has a messed up past, recoving drug addict and he saves her at the beginning, and she figuratively saves him at the end. She's there to remind him there's good people left in the world. "Godsend" is about a family that loses an 8 yr. old son in the beginning and De Niro plays a doctor that offers to clone the son, and after a while the clone son starts having nightmares and the mom, who I play, didn't want to lose her son twice, no matter what.
DishDiva: You looked very natural with the young actor who played your son. Did you and Greg spend time bonding with him?
Rebecca Romijn: We did. We took some time to get to know each other because we had a strong family bond. We hung out at the park and we would goof off together. The first weekend we got there Cameron, who plays my son, invited me to the movies with him. I was like, ok. I ran into Greg in the hotel lobby and I told him I had a date. Greg asked with who, and I said Cameron Bright, and Greg said he asked if he would go to the movies with him too. (laughs) You little two timer. I asked Cameron what movie he wanted to go see and he wanted to see "8 Mile" and I asked his mom if that was ok, and she said, oh yes, he's making movies now, he knows it's not real. And when the sex sceen came on Greg turns to me and says, "If you are any kind of a mohter you would take him out of here." (laughs) So I turned and asked if he wanted a Coke or anything, his eyes were glued to the TV.
mbhag in Onstage_1: I notice that you are in X-men and The punisher do you enjoy comic book roles?
Rebecca Romijn: I've done a few. I chose "The Punisher" because there's no comic book relation, there's no CGI, but I loved the experience of comic book world. That's a tough crowd to please and they've been waiting for these characters to come to life so you don't want to let them down. I couldn't wait to do another one because it's so fun. My character in "The Punisher" was totally opposite, she didn't do any ass kicking, I left that to everyone else. (laughs)
DishDiva: Did you read "The Punisher" comic books?
Rebecca Romijn: No, I didn't start reading it I was involved with the movie. My experience on X-Men they didn't want me to get to involved with the character in the comic because I needed to create the character for myself.
DishDiva: sandayha says: You worked with Travolta as well. What is he like?
Rebecca Romijn: I actually never did because we had no sceens together and I just met him at the junket last week.
DishDiva: When the film is a drama is the set more serious?
Rebecca Romijn: It seems the more serious the subject the goofier the set is. We laughed a lot on "Godsend" Robert like I said was funny and of course Greg is hilarious.
DishDiva: Did it make you think about cloning at all? Would you ever want to clone your cat or dog?
Rebecca Romijn: Of course that's where my fantasy goes, my German Shepard. It's so far from being a perfect science it seems it could be very bad in the wrong hands. Dolly the cloned sheep only lived 1/3 of the lifetime and got diseases the first one didn't.
DishDiva: When we met two weeks ago, you had a little puppy with you. Who is he?
Rebecca Romijn: That's Better, who's making everything better. Every day is better, and he's laying right next to me. I got him about 6 weeks ago. He's a poodle, a cinnamon colored poodle, I described him perfectly right before I saw him.
Johnny63130 in Onstage_1: Was the role challenging for you? If so, how?
Rebecca Romijn: Every role is challenging. For me I'm always scared because you never know where to start. My storyline in "Punisher" isn't huge but "Godsend" was a lot of work. That was very satisfying and challenging. I was also blessed to work with these amazing actors.
DishDiva: Do you only take a role if it is a challenge? Do you want to learn something from every part?
Rebecca Romijn: I won't do it unless I can bring something to the character and learn from the character.
DishDiva: Now there some light moments in "The Punisher" as well.
Rebecca Romijn: I thought our story line was sweet, we represent the good people left in the world and provide comic relief. Our storyline was so different from the rest of the movie, we had our own little world. They are so funny, we laughed so hard!
Johnny63130 in Onstage_1: Do you have any on-set memories? Did anyone play pranks?
Rebecca Romijn: No. No pranks. My favorite story from "The Punisher" I have to sew up his knife wound in the sceen when the sceen was over he went to makeup to remove the prosthetic and I had sewed it onto his skin! There were 5 little scabs in a row. I was like, "I know you're a hardass but you have to tell me if I am putting a needle through you!" (laughs)
rebeccafanpage in Onstage_1: Rebecca if you could direct your own movie, what sort of movie would it be?
Rebecca Romijn: A big musical! Something with giant over the top dance numbers, over the top, and choreography.
DishDiva: Those technicolor costumes, right?
Rebecca Romijn: Right.
DishDiva: What is your favorite musical?
Rebecca Romijn: I've got a few. "The Sound of Music," "Cabaret," and "Dreamgirls."
Phätß䚆ärd in Onstage_1: i know your a friend of howard stern, what do you think about what the fcc is doing to him?
Rebecca Romijn: I am in full support of Howard. Not that I agree with everything his says but I think it's important for him to be allowed to say what he says. It's a very scary time right now and people need to pay attention.
V-Rakke-V in Onstage_1: What's the most adrenaline rushing thing you have done for a movie?
Rebecca Romijn: It would have to be in "X-2" when I had to walk through the snow in 0 degree weather in that costume that is very cold.(laughs)
DishDiva: For X-Men, was it all makeup?
Rebecca Romijn: It is 160 individual prosthetics and the rest of my body is painted. I am not nude but that's the effect. I'm kind of in denial about that. (laughs)
Johnny63130 in Onstage_1: Have you ever met Stan Lee, the progenitor of Marvel Comics?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes, a couple of times, very nice man.
DishDiva: Would you ever want to do a TV series?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah. Eventually. In the right situation it's the best job to have because the hours are great and you get to live at home and be a normal person. I'm lucky with the opportunities I'm getting and having the challenges. I just hope these opportunities come up.
DishDiva: Is it hard when a film ends to say goodbye to people you have spent months with?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes. Very hard. It's like summer camp. It's like you're on this island for three months, you make friends, there are cliques, and it's intense because you work together and then have to say goodbye. There's always a week of very heavy decompression for me.
DishDiva: Rebecca, on these two films you're pretty much of the only girls. Is that a good thing?
Rebecca Romijn: Fine with me. I like being one of the guys. I love hanging out with girls too, but I have no problem being one of the guys.
DishDiva: What did you do on the set when you're not working?
Rebecca Romijn: I read a lot. I put on loud music in my trailer, talk on the phone. We shot "Godsend" in 32 days and had to get our shot in 2 or 3 takes. They would put us in a holding room and we had the best time. I used to be a camp counselor and I knew all these games.
DishDiva: You were a camp counselor, hunh? What was your favorite get to know each other game?
Rebecca Romijn: It would take too long to explain. My favorite one we played I would have to play with you and it would lose momentum fast. If I explained it, it would give it away.
DishDiva: I know this is a big weekend for you. Are you going to see the movie yourself?
Rebecca Romijn: I have seen it a few times in the throws of doing press. I will probably purchase a couple of tickets to support my movie.
DishDiva: What do you love at the theatre snack bar?
Rebecca Romijn: Put Milk Duds in the popcorn. I'm a sweet and salty girl.
Rebecca Romijn: Thanks so much for your time and letting me spend this half hour with you. I hope everyone sees "The Punisher" this weekend and "Godsend" and I hope to talk to all of you again soon.
DishDiva: Thank you for taking the time to chat with the fans tonight! Best of luck with "Godsend" and "The Punisher." Thanks to Rebecca for joining us this afternoon on MSN Live!


Rebecca's bikini

Does anyone know where to purchase Rebecca's bikini that is in the Fitness Mag. photo shoot? It is gray with yellow stripes. Thx.

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