01-2002 FHM


FHM: 1. What's the best way to say hello?
Rebecca Romijn: With direct eye contact.

FHM: 2. Walk us through what you are wearing.
Rebecca Romijn: I'm wearing jeans - they came from the Denim Doctor. It's a healthcare thing - it's very big in LA. You can take your favorite old Levi's there and they'll operate on them. My black tank top has a built-in bra. The belt's brown with brass studs all over it, and it's got a huge oval brass buckle that doubles as a weapon.

FHM: 3. What topic makes you blush?
Rebecca Romijn: Nothing, really. I'm very difficult to embarrass. Wait - charming men can make me blush pretty easily.

FHM: 4. What are the three essential ingredients of love?
Rebecca Romijn: Milk, sugar and chocolate.

FHM: 5. Sean Connery, Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan?
Rebecca Romijn: Oh, definitely Sean Connery.

FHM: 6. What's your policy on car sex?
Rebecca Romijn: Cars should be able to have sex whenever they want. But it's been a while since I've had sex in a car. I'd say if you are going to do it in a car, you should opt for a '57 Chevy rather than a Gremlin.

FHM: 7. Word association: Scott Baio.
Rebecca Romijn: Oh, God. I don't want to bust on '80 s teen idols. I'm married to one!

FHM: 8. If you were in porno, what would your screen name be?
Rebecca Romijn: How does this game go? It's the street you grew up on and your first pet's name, right? So my porn name would be... Amelia Rose.

FHM: 9. Have you ever had to instruct a guy in bed?
Rebecca Romijn: Oh, yeah, but I don't call it instruction, I call it dirty talk.

FHM: 10. Describe the way you dance.
Rebecca Romijn: Crazy. I look like a squid on fire. I just do what comes naturally and it's not always pretty. We had a crazy impromptu dance party the other night at home. When you're in the privacy of your own living room and you put on disc No. 2 from the "In You Face" funk series, it doesn't matter what you look like. We ended up in the pool.

FHM: 11. You have 10 seconds to advertise anything you want. Go!
Rebecca Romijn: Wear a seat belt, wear a helmet, wear a rubber and finish high school.

FHM: 12. Name three words that start with the letter X.
Rebecca Romijn: Xylophone, xenophobia and ... Xanax.

FHM: 13. Sunday is best for...
Rebecca Romijn: Flopping. I've got this giant couch. It's big. Huge. It's an L-shaped sectional. Seats 15. So Sunday is for lying on my couch with 14 friends and watching movies all day.

FHM: 14. When did you last feel utterly insignificant?
Rebecca Romijn: Last week. My husband and I put on hats and sunglasses and took my two nieces to Disneyland. We're crazy about Disneyland. I can't explain it; we go all the time. But talk about feeling utterly insignificant - we were waiting in line for the Peter Pan ride for hours. You'd think the roller coasters would have the longest lines, but no, it's the little-kid rides. You should just take a number for the Peter Pan ride.

FHM: 15. Do fish sleep?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes - with their eyes open. Did you know that fish have a three-second memory? I'm jealous of fish; that's a beautiful way to live.

FHM: 16. What's the worst job you've ever had?
Rebecca Romijn: My first job was at a gourmet poultry shop and I used to cut up dead chickens. I cut my fingers all the time and I'd hand people these bloody packages, and they would think it was chicken's blood, but really, it was mine. My fingers still have scars all over them; it's horrible.

FHM: 17. If there were a Rebecca Romijn island, what would the beach attire be?
Rebecca Romijn: If it were just me on the island, then nude. Absolutely. But if there were other people on the island, then they'd have to wear aprons. There are just some people who I don't want to see naked. They could be any pattern, their choice, but if it gets in the way of their swimming, they have to take it off.

FHM: 18. Can you name any feats of Hercules?
Rebecca Romijn: He's got 10 toes and I'm sure they're pretty callused from all that hard work.

FHM: 19. What person has just about got it right?
Rebecca Romijn: I guess Martha Stewart's out for the obvious reasons, right? Most of the people who got it just about right are people you wouldn't know, and if they're people you do know, then they're not exactly role models. I mean, to get to the point of getting it just right isn't easy. But I'd say it's got to be Tommy Lee.

FHM: 20. On what occasions do you pray?
Rebecca Romijn: Morning, noon and night.

FHM: 21. Have you ever called a 976 number?
Rebecca Romijn: You know, my husband just recently called a bunch of gay 976 hotlines and introduced himself as Bobby and left Bob Saget's phone number on them. I thought that was pretty good.

FHM: 22. Describe Conan O'Brien's hair.
Rebecca Romijn: Orange, very nicely done and minty fresh.

FHM: 23. Finish the sentence: Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter is ...
Rebecca Romijn: My hero and probably good in bed.

FHM: 24. What's the nicest way to tell someone they smell bad?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm usually not very delicate about that. I go straightforward: "Excuse me, have you ever heard of soap?" There's really no nice way to tell someone they smell bad.

FHM: 25. What TV Show dit you never miss as a kid?
Rebecca Romijn: The Facts of Life. I loved that show.

FHM: 26. Tell us three facts about Axl Rose.
Rebecca Romijn: MIA. Used to go out with Stephanie Seymour. The higher you fly, the longer you fall.

FHM: 27. Have you ever cursed on TV?
Rebecca Romijn: I said nipple once on The Tonight Show. I was talking about airbrushing body parts and I asked Jay, "Is it OK to say nipple on TV?" He was like, "No we say areola, Rebecca."

FHM: 28. What's your least favorite city in America?
Rebecca Romijn: Houston. It's big and concrete and boring and way too hot.

FHM: 29. When is it OK to call a guy a bitch?
Rebecca Romijn: Ooh, I Love that. When he's being one. It's such a slam to a guy's masculinity. It's a double slam. So few words pack punches anymore. It's like using the "C" word with women.

FHM: 30. What has the best chance of existing: the Loch Ness Monser, Big Foor or aliens?
Rebecca Romijn: Aliens - that's aliens in general, right? I mean the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot are just two guys playing dress up. With aliens. there's that Fox Mulder thing. Hey, I Mean you could be an alien.

FHM: 31. What person would you most like to see naked?
Rebecca Romijn: I picture people naked all the time. That's just something I do, but I'm often wrong. I go to this spa where people run around nude, and I'm always really surprised at shaving preferences. I see a lot of lightning bolts and hearts down there.

FHM: 32. Have you ever seen a dead body?
Rebecca Romijn: Yes. A naked old lady. Somebody dumped the body near the bottom of our driveway. It was early in the morning and the Fed Ex guy was delivering a package to me and he said, "Whatever you do,don't turn left at the bottom of your driveway if you're leaving this morning, because there is a dead body down there." So I had one of those Stand By me moments and ran down there to check it out.

FHM: 33. What two words make you shudder?
Rebecca Romijn: Flaccid nipple. Ewww.

FHM: 34. What have you done for money that you're ashamed of?
Rebecca Romijn: Prostitution - got a problem with that? Sold crack to children - is that bad? So what, no big deal, right?

FHM: 35. How many people named Joe do you know?
Rebecca Romijn: Joe Mama, Joe Daddy, Joe Bald-Headed Granny, Joe Namath, Joe Boxer.

FHM: 36. How long should "it" last?
Rebecca Romijn: Um ... weeks, I mean hours, I mean what do you mean by "it"? Three weeks seems excessive.

FHM: 37. When was the last time a guy pinched your ass in public?
Rebecca Romijn: Today. It was my husband.

FHM: 38. If you had to part with either you pinkie or your big toe, what would it be?
Rebecca Romijn: Pinkie, for sure. You need your big toe for balance and other stuff like that.

FHM: 39. What do you most often complain about?
Rebecca Romijn: Obscure random questions from journalists. I get those all the time, you know?

FHM: 40. When was the last time you watched a dirty video?
Rebecca Romijn: My friend gave me this amazing X-rated DVD that's porn from the '20s. It's crazy. Threesomes, guy-on-guy... it's hardcore, crazy stuff.

FHM: 41. Why do actors get all the chicks?
Rebecca Romijn: I don't know I'm sure not getting all the chicks. So I'm not even sure actors get all the chicks.

FHM: 42. What does the word gobbledygook mean?
Rebecca Romijn: I use that word all the time - I love that word. It's in the dictionary too. It means mumbo jumbo.

FHM: 43. Is bald more beautiful>
Rebecca Romijn: I do think bald is sexy, and a head shaved completely bald is really sexy. Wait, is this a circumcision question? What exactly are you asking me? I think the question should be "Is "what" bald more beautiful?"

FHM: 44. The best thing $100 can get you is...
Rebecca Romijn: Me! Just kidding. A Greyhound ticket to Las Vegas.

FHM: 45. When was the last time you appeared in the National Enquirer?
Rebecca Romijn: There was a story that I snotted on Al Pacino when I was doing a make-out scene in a movie called Simone. They said a drop of snot fell out of my nose and onto his face - which it did - but they said I ran away crying, which isn't true. I was embarrassed, but I sure wasn't crying. Why would I cry over snot?

FHM: 46. Do you carry your Screen Actors Guild card with you at all times?
Rebecca Romijn: No, but I never leave home without my Petco Pals card. I take it everywhere.

FHM: 47. What ar the ingredients of soap?
Rebecca Romijn: Unless it's glycerin soap, it's all made from fat. That's what the "99 percent pure" on Ivory soap means - pure fat. Let me put it to you this way: I use shower gel.

FHM: 48. Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket because you are Rebecca Romijn?
Rebecca Romijn: No, but if you're a girl and the cop's a guy, the best way to get out of a speeding ticket is to tell the cop you just got your period and you're bleeding all over the place and you're rushing home to get a tampon.

FHM: 49. Tell us about the last time you met a rock star.
Rebecca Romijn: I spent two hours dancing with Mick Jagger in Paris last month. I'm much taller than he is, but he's got those unmistakable Mick Jagger hip moves.

FHM: 50. What's the best way to say goodbye?
Rebecca Romijn: So long, bitch.

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