10-05-1998: People Magazine


People article

Romijn is crazy about her new job hosting House of Style, but the model is happier about marrying former Full House star John Stamos, whom she wed Sept. 19 in Los Angeles. "I'm thrilled about marriage," says the 25-year-old, who may eventually drop her old surname. "I will no longer have to say, 'Romijn, like the lettuce,'" she jokes. MTV hopes a lot more people will be calling her name. "She's smart, funny, a great ad-libber," says Style executive producer Alisa Bellettini. "She is a natural."

Original article: People, October 5, 1998

Tennessean article

The rumor's true: Big feet, big ego.
Model Rebecca Romijn apparently got her toes in a wad over a controversy that started when she was pictured for People mag's TV's 40 Most Fascinating Stars '98 issue. Some readers thought it looked like she had a sixth toe.

Not so, a testy Rebecca wrote in an angry letter saying the discussion has been oh-so trying for her.

"I have barely been able to leave my house since the controversy started," she wrote People.

"Due to the media blizzard that has enveloped me, I have decided to come clean. ... I will inform America about my deepest, darkest secret: I have excess foot fat."

Original article: Tennessean

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