Rebecca and John Dating


The Beginning

Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos first saw each other backstage at a Ghost fashion show in 1994. They kept bumping into each other at different events. The sparks really began to fly between them at the end of the week, when John showed up at Rebecca's 22nd birthday party. "He jumped out of the cake," she jokes. "Just kidding."

Over the next two months, the pair had to settle for a by-phone-only relationship, as John had returned to L.A. to work on Full House and Rebecca stayed in New York. "Then at Christmastime, I came out to L.A. for our first date and he took me to Disneyland, " Rebecca remembers wistfully. "We were walking around the park, and we just fell in love."

Cosmopolitan 7/2000

First Date

Time: I heard you and [Full House star] John Stamos had your first date at Disneyland. Did you make out in the park?
Rebecca: No, we didn't.
Time: Because Disney police will nail you.
Rebecca: We got nailed. We got a little tipsy.
Time: They serve alcohol in the park?
Rebecca: We found our little way of sneaking it into our big cup of Coca-Cola.

Original article: Time

Some people get turned on by romantic walks on the beach, others by quiet dinners for two. John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn apparently have a thing for mice with big ears. Shortly after the two met backstage at a runway show, they discovered they both had a deep, meaningful love for all things Disney. "We had just instant attraction ... literally love at first sight," Romijn recalls in the upcoming issue of Jane. But things didn't get really serious until they made their initial pilgrimage to their own personal Mecca, Disneyland. "That's where we first had sex," the model/actress shares. "Now we go every year for a week. It's bizarre." Move over, Mikey and Minnie!

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Rebecca Romijn is distraught a misquote has made headlines around the world. Romijn was quoted as saying she and hubby John Stamos had sex on one of the Disneyland rides. "I was devastated when I read that article. It's not what I said. I feel I have to apologize to the people at Disneyland. They've been so good to John and it's one of our favourite places to visit," says Romijn. I want to make it very clear that when we're in Disneyland, John and I ride the rides next to each other and not on top of each other. "When we visit Disneyland we stay at one of the Disneyland hotels. John and I are a very amorous couple, so that's what I meant when I said we've had sex at Disneyland."

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I've found this message in the Google newsgroups archives:

From: MarianneF. (*******@*******.net)
Subject: Re: Celeb encounters/6 Degrees?
Date: 1998/05/02

John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn:

Walt Disney World in Orlando... we sat at the next table at dinner one night. They must have just started dating then because he was all over her like a bad suit... right at the table!!! Then my husband went to the bathroom and in he walks... so there is my hubby standing side by side with him!!!! We ran into him several other times during the course of the week...but never spoke to him... He looked extremely unapproachable!!! I think that's about all I can think of right now!!!!