Rebecca and John Stamos


During a long breakfast in the Parker Meridien, a Midtown Manhattan hotel, Romijn talks a lot about her new husband, '80s heartthrob John Stamos, known to millions of former teens around the globe as Uncle Jesse from Full House. Here are just a few of the things Rebecca reveals about him: Stamos talks about his hair constantly; he spends a lot of time on-line, looking for nude pictures of his wife and other models; he once threw her a karaoke birthday party; he still has his Michael Jackson - style leather jackets from Full House; and, worst of all, he wears Birkenstocks on vacation. "Shhhh!" Romijn hisses, trying to squelch the shameful secret of his ugly footwear. "I'm making him look so bad, and he's actually, like the best man in the world."

Romijn (as she now is officially known in the press) is wearing a sleeveless mohair sweater, dark pants, and sandals that reveal a silver toe ring, as well as an ankle tattoo that entwines initials of four friends. She orders scrambled eggs, pancakes, fruit, juice, and also coffee, "so I'll chat more." But the caffeine is unnecessary - Stamos calls her Rebecca Remain Silent, because she talks so much. (His other fond nicknames for her include Retarda and Refreaka)

Original article: Details 1/1999

"We don't plan to work together. We spend enough time together," she says. "He makes me laugh. That's why I fell in love with him. For some women, it's diamonds. For me, it's being funny. I get turned on by comedies. It's almost a sexual thing for me," she laughs. "There's never a dull moment in our house. We're both passionate and family-orientated, and we're looking forward to having children," she smiles. "But we're not rushing it. I think I would slow down if I had a baby, but I don't know if I'd stop working. Who knows? I'm not a mother. But for me, that will be the most important job. And if that's all I have time for, that's all I'll do."

Rebecca says, "I love being married. I feel freer as a married woman because I don't get nervous that men have ulterior motives. I can be more personal because I'm not like, "Are you trying to get into my pants?" I'm more laid-back now." Living in domestic bliss, she says, "I don't cook, but John is Greek and likes to cook lamb. He roasted a leg of lamb at eight this morning," she smiles. "I'm a huge eater. I eat everything. Twice as much as my husband." And does she do the dishes? "Weeell, sometimes. But I usually don't even do that," she laughs. "I'm not really a good catch at all!"

Original article: Unknown Australian Magazine

Yet her husband, '80s teen pin-up John Stamos isn't so keen on using his imagination. Rebecca boasts that John, who added the hyphen to Romijn in September last year, likes to look at nudie pictures of her on the internet. There are dozens of sites that lure in punters like hubby with false claims of "Rebecca Romijn nude - hot shots". Surely he gets enough of that at home?

In the past Rebecca was extraordinarily explicit about just what John did get at home. She's aired his foibles and fantasies - such as "I get turned on by my br***ts being touched" and her weakness for bad-guy scenarios. "It's a real turn-on," she once admitted. "Like Gone With The Wind, he whisks her off her feet and sweeps her away. Sometimes the girl likes to make love, and sometimes it's nice to get nasty. Another turn-on is the perve factor - they both like, "watching, from afar, on TV or something".

She said, "My guy and I appreciate women, and we appreciate men. I would just like to say that one of the reasons that my man is happy sexually is that we can watch beautiful women together. And I can say, "Do you think she's sexy?" And he says, "Yes, I do." And it's totally OK for him to watch her. "We even look at the Playboy channel together. I love watching with him because I get to reap the rewards. He's turned on - that's communicating. He may feel that as long as I'm totally OK with that he will never have to cheat, because you're not restricting him. He can look, appreciate, and get turned on by a woman in front of me and that's totally OK. I love that."

Original article: Ralph 6/1999


On the website you can look how good you match with a particular celebrity. This site compares your birthday with that of the chosen celebrity. The site uses biorhythms for the comparisons. Comparing the birthday of Rebecca Romijn (Nov 6, 1972) with John Stamos gave the following results:
Physical compatibility: 33%
Emotional compatibility: 70%
Intellectual compatibility: 90%

Total compatibility: 68%

Clothing Optional

And then there's John Stamos, who wants us to know that he & wife Rebecca Romijn live in a household where
clothing is strictly optional, even when they have company, & that when friends visit, "We run around. Everyone is naked in the pool. We dance on table tops, play kissing games, just a bunch of wild times." And those, folks, are just a few of the many stars do-it-and-tell revelations Us magazine will be featuring in its Feb. 18 issue. Remember when Valentine's Day used to be about romance? These days, it seems nothing's private. Just spell their names right.

Full House Hunk's Lesbian Nightmare

Full House hunk John Stamos is living a nightmare - his supermodel wife Rebecca Romijn has revealed she's having lesbian dreams! In the current issue of Maxim Magazine, [07-2000, RRF] Rebecca uncorked a steamy dream about Armageddon beauty Liv Tyler, in which she says, "we were really in love, living together in San Francisco. And I've never even met Liv Tyler."

To add insult to injury, the 27-year-old beauty, who plays evil mutant shape-shifter Mystique in the upcoming superhero flick X-Men, also blabbed, "My first sex dream was about Steve Martin." The interview left Stamos steaming, say insiders. An insider reveals: "He told Rebecca, "You've made me a laughingstock, Lesbians? For God's sake...and Steve Martin?"

"I'm getting all sorts of flak from my friends. Why don't you think before you go off making crazy statements like that?" They had a full-blown argument. Stamos got a taste of revenge by digging out a number of letters from female fans who've obviously been dreaming HIM, say pals. "He stuck them all over the house - under pillows, even in the fridge", confides a friend. "Rebecca thought it was hysterical."

And the source says the angry sitcom star also pointed out that he, like Steve Martin, is a comic. A source reveals that John told her: "Well, honey, I was on a sitcom that ran for years." She beamed at him and answered, 'But that doesn't count, honey, you have to be funny.' "John shot back, 'Yes, but I know ways to make a woman laugh that you haven't dreamed of,' and flashed his tongue.

"Rebecca turned bright red and collapsed in giggles." Insiders say that Stamos, who's been out of the public eye since Full House was canceled by ABC nearly five years ago, may be a little jealous that Rebecca could shoot to stardom in X-Men. And he appears even more jealous of the lovers in his gorgeous wife's dreams. "A little competiton keeps their marriage strong," says a friend, "even if it's only a dream. But as long as Rebecca has to sleep, John had better keep his bag of fan mail handy!"

USA Today Article

While marriages around them fall apart, several Hollywood couples have found a soothing way to keep their romance alive.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn are
among the duos to check in to the couples suite at Skin Spa, a European day spa in Encino, Calif. Couples' treatments are practically unheard of outside of destination spas.

'I have created more love affairs, stopped more divorces and made more people happy by having a venue for them to step into,' boasts Skin Spa owner Jonathan Baker. 'It pleases me to no extent to see people who really went on a date at Skin Spa.'

Travolta and his wife recently requested the Spa Romantique II, a three-hour, $400 package that includes a salt glow, body shampoo, privacy soak, one-hour facial and CHI massage, an energy-based massage.

The Smiths enjoyed Spa for Two, a 90-minute, $250 treatment with a privacy soak, massage and stop at the mud bar.
The most popular couples treatment is Endless Courtship, Baker says, which the Stamoses took advantage of. The 2-hour, $375 pampering session offers privacy soak, dry-brushing exfoliation, cornmeal-pineapple facial, radiance face mask and massage.

This service is highly requested because it is the only one where every stage takes place in the couple's suite, a candlelit room where pure aromatherapy blows through and a rose petal bath awaits clients.

'There's no difference between coming out of Skin Spa and a feel-good love story like Notting Hill,' says Baker, who also is a producer and scriptwriter with a deal at Paramount.

Original article: USA Today

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