Rebecca and John Divorce


Premiere Magazine 4/2004 Interview (Two weeks later John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn seperated)

Romijn is polishing off her fish soup, talking about Femme Fatale's mixed reception, using a remote to snap on the overhead TV, where one of John Stamos’s commercials for a certain long-distance calling plan is airing. "I'm told," she says, "it's got quite a following among gay folks in New York."

Got it. She’s happy to have her husband back at their 20-acre ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains after he spent several months doing Nine on Broadway. "I think it's always rough for two people who are actors to enter back into their reality, and figure out what it is again," she says. "It was an intense several months for John, and I was absolutely in awe of him-he showed so much fearlessness and so much commitment. You become so consumed with what you're doing that you no longer are paying enough attention to the relationship. I think that's the key to make our marriage work-keep that balance healthy. We've been together for ten years, and it's been amazing and wonderful and fun and so full of love, and it's also been really, really, really hard. But we keep figuring out how to check and recheck, and find the rhythm again. We love being consumed by things that we're working on; that’s what life is all about. I love that. I know I'm not an attention whore. I don't think I'm an actor because of anything unfulfilled in me.

"When I'm having a problem I call my dad up, my little humble Dutch dad in his workshop with sawdust on the floor, and I'll say, 'I did this scene today. I could have done it so much better. If I just had it to do over.' " "And he says, 'That's what it means to be an artist.' "

Original article: Premiere Magazine 4/2004

John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn have separated, confirms a spokesman for the couple who wouldn't comment any further. Stamos, 40, and Romijn, 31, met in 1994 at a Victoria's Secret fashion show in New York City. The couple went on their first date to Disneyland, a favorite spot of Stamos'. Four years later on September 19, 1998 the couple wed. A source close to the couple says the separation "is as amicable as can be and there's no third party." One source said that Stamos wanted to start a family while Romijn did not. Romijn can currently be seen in The Punisher and the upcoming film Godsend.

Original article:

One of Hollywood's most beautiful couples is calling it quits. A rep for John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn confirms to us that they're separating after five years of marriage.

"The split is amicable and they have asked that the media please respect their privacy regarding this situation during this difficult time," says spokesman Lewis Kay. "There's no third party. There's no real reason except they've decided to go in separate directions."

John, 40, met supermodel Rebecca, 31, in 1994 at a Victoria's Secret fashion show. They had their first date two months later at Disneyland.

After marrying in 1998, they bought the amusement park's entrance sign for $30,000. One magazine reported they'd actually had sex in the park, but Rebecca explained, "We ride the rides next to each other - not on top of each other!"

She also found herself defending her taste in husbands in 2002, when Movieline teased her for marrying the guy who'd played Jesse on "Full House." She subsequently refused to host one of the mag's parties.

While her movie career took off with roles in "X-Men," "Femme Fatale" and "Rollerball," John gravitated toward Broadway, starring in "Cabaret" and "Nine."

Their bicoastal careers started taking a toll.

"About a year ago we went through a difficult time, because we were apart too much," John told People last December. "So we made a pact to spend more time together." He added, "We're happier than we've ever been in our marriage."

Last November, they bought a ranch in the San Fernando Valley, but John hasn't been there much lately. He's been shooting a pilot for an ABC comedy in which he plays a New York publicist. And maybe he can give some PR advice to Rebecca now that she has two movies, "The Punisher" and "Godsend," opening in the next few weeks.

"This split couldn't come at a worse time," says one friend. "But what can you do?"

Original articles: E!

Rebecca Romijn, has two movies coming out in the month of April. She co-stars in "Godsend," opening April 30 and is also in "The Punisher" on April 16. John Travolta plays the villain in "The Punisher."

Romijn started out in the business as a Victoria's Secret model, but told me acting is a better fit. "Hard choice: modeling, acting, modeling, acting," she said, using her hands as if to show balance. Then she laughs: "Boring, fun," she says. She still hasn't lost her fashion sense, though. "Did you see that dress I wore in the movie ('The Punisher')? It's pretty dowdy," she said.

Just last weekend (April 2004, RRF), I asked her about her five-year marriage to actor John Stamos and how she was able to keep it together. "You know. I don't have an answer for you. Who knows why the dynamics of a relationship work or don't?" she said. "So things are great?" I said. "Things are great," she replied. On Monday (04-12-2004, RRF), it became news that the couple is splitting because of too much time spent apart. "The break up is amicable," their spokesman said.

Original article:

What does a gorgeous Hollywood couple do when they split up? If it's John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn, you party like it's 1999. Spies say Stamos has flown with several buddies to whoop it up at Disney World in Orlando while Romijn is spending quality time with "very good friend" John Cusack. "Let's put it this way," said a pal of the couple, "Neither one seems all that unhappy about the breakup." A rep for Romijn said she wasn't dating anyone, even though she mentioned having a "special someone" on Conan O'Brien's show. Cusack's rep declined comment.

Original article: New York Post

Sexy actress Rebecca Romijn has announced she has a new male in her life following her split from husband John Stamos - a newborn poodle called Better.

Reports have linked Romijn to a range of hunks - including actor John Cusack - since announcing her separation on Monday, but the Punisher star insists she's only spending time with her canine pal, aged four-and-a-half months. She says, "I have a puppy - that's who's in my life right now, and my two other dogs at home. That's it.

"I haven't been going out, I've just been staying home with my girlfriends. People are gonna say whatever they're gonna say. And people will believe whatever they'll believe."

She adds of her four-legged pal, "He can't not be cute. He's like a teddy bear come to life!"

Original article:

Celebrities gone wild

Doug Elfman, Chicago Sun-Times: "I had high hopes when I interviewed Rebecca Romijn on the red carpet. I write a nationally syndicated video-game column and wanted to ask her and other women on Maxim's top 100 list about doing voice-overs for video games.

"Rebecca walks up to me. A tower. Just a giant. You could screen a movie on her back. I asked her if she played video games. She stared me down -- not in a mean way, but like I had peanut butter all over my eyes or something. She shook her head in silence for, like, 10 seconds, then walked away to chat with a reporter for the Star who she treated like they were long-lost friends.

"She was going through a divorce at the time and her publicist had warned me that she wouldn't answer personal questions. I guess video games are a personal subject."

Original article:

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