Rebecca and Jerry Wedding Plans


Romijn loses weight for Secret Wedding

Model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn is heading back up the aisle - she's planning a secret New Year's Eve wedding to actor Jerry O'Connell. The X-Men star started dating the Kangaroo Jack actor shortly after she split with ex-husband John Stamos and now she's hoping to become Mrs O'Connell as 2005 becomes 2006.

And friends claim the wedding is the real incentive behind Romijn's recent drastic weightloss. A source says, "As far as she's concerned, it's just as well that everyone thinks the movie (X-Men 3) producers pressured her into losing the weight. "Since they started planning the wedding, Rebecca realized she would have to go through several fittings for her gown. She wanted to look her best."

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Rebecca Romijn and actor Jerry O'Connell are planning their wedding — and it looks like they might have found a neighborhood they'd like to call home as well!

Rebecca, who plays a high strung TV reporter on the upcoming WB show, Pepper Dennis, says of her expected marriage to the Crossing Jordan star: "It's sometime this year." Although she'll give no details on her wedding plans, she says it probably won't be a huge affair.

Meanwhile, however, are she and Jerry already looking for a cool place to live together after they wed? Rebecca confides, "I'm obsessed with a beautiful part of Los Angeles that Jerry and I discovered called Angelino Heights. [There's] a street called Carroll Street with these beautiful Victorians. We were floored by it."

Rebecca is coy about whether she and Jerry might be happy together in their own Victorian house, saying only, "we just checked out this neighborhood. We like to go exploring."
She's not shy about gushing about Jerry. "I'm in love. I'm on cloud nine. We have a lot of similarities. Both of our mothers were public school teachers. My dad and his dad were both artists. Everybody gets along very well." Sounds like a match made in heaven!

Star Magazine reports that Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell are going to marry this year.

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Churchill Downs recently scored the Rolling Stones, but it's out of the running as a potential wedding site for Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn. In May (2006, RRF), O'Connell told "The Buzz" he'd "love" to tie the knot in the Winner's Circle at the Downs, since he and Romijn, 33, debuted their relationship Derby Eve 2005 at the Barnstable Brown Party.

The actor also said he'd like former Kentucky Gov. John Y. Brown Jr. to do the honors. But on Monday, a rep for O'Connell, 32, said the couple will race toward the altar -- as early as this fall -- at a more "tropical" locale.

Original article:

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell have finally agreed to a wedding date, a year after getting engaged. The pair, who have been dating since 2004, will hold an intimate wedding ceremony at their ranch near Los Angeles on Jan. 6.

The X-Men: The Last Stand star, 34, who was previously married to ER's John Stamos for almost six years, convinced her fiancé to exchange vows at their Wagon Wheel Ranch--a former brothel. The small wedding will take place with only 20 close friends and family present.

A friend of the couple tells Star magazine, "For Jerry, this will be his first marriage and he wanted to make it a big deal, but Rebecca held her ground." In order to keep her groom-to-be happy, Romijn has agreed to let O'Connell plan a big party a few weeks after the wedding to celebrate.

Original article:

Actor Jerry O'Connell has laughed off internet reports he wed fiancee Rebecca Romijn at the weekend (January 6, 2007). Rumours about the ceremony plans spread over Christmas 2006, but the Stand by Me star agreed to tape an interview with US TV chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, which aired yesterday (January 8, 2007), to end the speculation.

He says, "It's one of those internet rumours that starts and the only problem with those internet rumours (is) your mom finds out about it. "Your mom calls up and is like, 'Jerry, Louise just told me that she read on the internet that you're getting married and I want to know if this is true because I wanna know why I don't know about this and have to find out about it on the internet.'" O'Connell insisted he would not be a married man when the chat show aired, but confessed he would wed Romijn "one of these days".

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Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell have been engaged since September 2005, but Rebecca has no intention of walking down the aisle any time soon! Sources tell Star she is since her first marriage to John Stamos, ended in divorce in March 2005. A friend reveals, “Jerry laughs and says it’s the only chance he has of getting in the Guinness Book of World Records – for longest engagement. He says he’s been ready a long time. He’s just waiting for Rebecca to say the word.”

Meanwhile, Rebecca Romijn is third on a list released by rating the sexiest movie assassin. Rebecca Romijn was placed for her turn as Mystique in X Men.

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