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X-Men 3 and Wedding

NewsAnnual Critics' Choice Awards Presenter Rebecca Romijn hinted that her X-Men 3 villain, Mystique, will be showing her soft side when the sequel arrives this summer. "Mystique suffers a heartbreak," she said. But in real life, her wedding to Jerry O'Connell will happen "sometime this year." But no babies anytime soon. "According to the tabloids, I've been pregnant for about 14 months now. Ridiculous."

USA Today Article

"I do have more sympathy for reporters than I ever had before," acknowledges Romijn, 33, a former supermodel who was host and reporter for MTV's House of Style in the 1990s. "You've got to get the story, and I totally get that."

Fresh from a 13-hour catch-up sleep marathon, Romijn is having a breakfast of huevos rancheros. She has arrived at a cafe near the ranch house she shares with 32-year-old fiancé Jerry O'Connell (Crossing Jordan) and is bursting with bright colors. The 5-foot-11 fashion queen is dressed in a striped peach rugby shirt, gold headband and necklace, a turquoise ring, a mammoth 6-carat yellow diamond engagement ring, a bright orange wallet, and toenails painted with a pink hue called "I Need a Vacation." Because her reporter character is single, she takes off her ring during scenes and replaces it with a set of yellow diamond earrings also given to her by O'Connell.

The 1999 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover girl, who posed on the sand alongside other top cover models for the 2006 cover, will hit the beach again soon for a vacation in the Bahamas with O'Connell. The previous evening, she fell asleep in his arms "around 8" — somewhere between watching rentals of A History of Violence and The Squid and the Whale. She calls O'Connell "the most solid guy. I don't know what I would do without him."

On their grounds are the beginnings of a winery: O'Connell followed up a romantic getaway to California wine country by planting 800 Merlot and Cabernet grapevines. She calls the gesture "the most romantic gift." It's now a favorite spot. Romijn spends weekends in the vineyard with her rocking chair, two poodles and two German shepherds to read scripts, while O'Connell shoots off golf balls or tends to the vines. As a nod to the history of their home — it was a 1930s brothel called The Wagon Wheel Ranch — they plan to eventually bottle Wagon Wheel Wine.

But also sitting behind their home is a giant letter "D" — part of the Disneyland sign that ex-husband John Stamos (Jake in Progress, ER) purchased after he and Romijn had their first date at Disneyland. She says Stamos eventually will come and collect the "D" and the other nine letters she has in storage, but in the meantime, she prefers to think the "D" stands for her character, Dennis. News of her split from Stamos after six years of marriage broke the day before she walked the red carpet at the April 2004 premiere of her film The Punisher. "We just got outed" by the tabloids, Romijn says. "We had split up quite a while before, but John and I had decided we were just going to keep it between us because we had work to do and I didn't want to be dealing with all that. "But we were forced to come clean, so I put on a brave face." Of Stamos, she says, "We don't have a regular relationship anymore." She's hurt by media reports that the couple split because he wanted to start a family and she didn't. Romijn says vehemently that those accounts are wrong. She adds, "Whether or not I wanted to have kids had nothing to do with it. We were together for 10 years, and the reasons (for the divorce) are complicated. I can't wait to have kids. I'm at a point in my life where when I see a pregnant woman, I get tears in my eyes."

She and O'Connell, who she says shares her desire to start a family, plan to wed this summer after she wraps up promoting her third stint as the blue-hued Mystique in X-Men 3: The Last Stand, in theaters May 26. (She has two other films in the can: June's The Alibi, with her X-Men co-star James Marsden, and the upcoming Man About Town, in which she plays the wife of Ben Affleck.) Her wedding will "not be a big event. I did that a long time ago. We might do it on a vacation and include just our close family." Oh — and unlike what she did with her name for her previous marriage, she won't be changing her name to Rebecca Romijn-O'Connell. "I'm probably just going to take the O," the actress jokes. "Rebecca O'Romijn."

Original article: USA Today

X-Men star Rebecca Romijn regrets helping her future brother-in-law Charlie O'Connell search for love on reality TV show The Bachelor, because of his embarrassing behaviour. The actress is engaged to Crossing Jordan star Jerry O'Connell and the couple originally thought it would be a good idea for Charlie to appear on the show, but quickly reconsidered. She explains, "One of my best friends is one of the producers on The Bachelor, so I had an integral part of getting Charlie onto The Bachelor. "I think almost everyone wants to know someone on a reality show, so when this came up we were like, 'Do it, do it, do it!' "Until the first episode when Charlie's wasted and dirty dancing with 15 girls and Jerry and I are going, 'Maybe we should have put some thought into this...' "Watching the show I realised I sort of had a vested interest. One of these girls he's going to pick and this might be someone I end up spending time with when we all go out to dinner. "Sure enough, he's with Sarah Brice and they're still together. Charlie and Sarah are a great couple. They're very happy."

Original article:

X-Men star Rebecca Romijn and fiance Jerry O'Connell have reached a compromise for Sunday afternoon American football telecasts - he gets to watch them on mute. Sports fan O'Connell and the actress could never agree on how to spend their Sundays together - because she hates watching football games on TV.

She says, "I'm not a football person at all. I don't like football." But now the canny star has come up with a way to avoid domestic clashes: "He can watch football all weekend long but I get to listen to music, so he has to watch it on mute. We like hanging out together, I just don't like watching football and he finds that annoying."

Original article:

Hollywood couple Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell have discovered that a bicycle made for two is better than therapy after hitting the Los Angeles streets on a tandem. The soon-to-be-married pair have bought a tandem bicycle and X-Men star Romijn has discovered it's therapeutic hitting the back roads with her beau.

She says, "It's so much fun, it's great exercise, it's a nice way to see the scenery... and it's great couple's therapy. "It's teamwork and co-ordination, a little bit of compromise.... The trick is to stay in the back because you get to take little breaks."

Original article:

Romijn role plays with O'Connell

'X-Men star Rebecca Romijn and fiance Jerry O'Connell frequently dress up as goofy characters and go out in public places as a joke. The couple dress up in outrageous costumes, complete with special hair and make-up. She explains, "We''re not nightclub people, our idea of fun is getting dressed up. "I have a costume closet at home. Part of it is like daring each other to go out in public dressed like that." The couple were addicted to US reality series Showdog Moms and Dads and became obsessed with one of the couples on the show. She adds, "Showdog Moms and Dads is like (the movie ) Best In Show, but with these very overzealous dog owners. "There was one couple in particular we were inspired by and Jerry and I decided to dress up like them and go to Wal Mart Portrait Studio and have our portrait taken. That's our idea of fun.



How old are they? Talk about immature, dressing up like kids in goofy costumes and going out in public, I think they both have a lot of growing up to do!!

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