Storyline for X- Men 4!


Hi, my name is Imad Khan and I live in Chicago. I am a huge X- Men fan! I watched all the X-Men movies and I still watch the X- Men animated series on TV! The reason I am writing is because I want to see another X- Men movie and I am sure so do many other fans of the franchise! I have a storyline in my mind for it!

I think it should be called, X- Men 4: Rise of the Apocalypse. X- Men and Brotherhood should join forces against Apocalypse, who wants to kill all the humans, turn all the mutants into his slaves, and rule the entire world! X- Men and Brotherhood must work together to come up with a plan to kill Apocalypse and save the world once again! The government should support the X- Men and Brotherhood because Apocalypse is a threat to both humans and mutants! Apocalypse should come to life in one of the pyramids of Egypt. I think Arnold Vosloo, the actor, who played the character of The Mummy,(1999), should play Apocalypse. He is the perfect for the role!

In this movie, Professor Xavier should be alive as it was implied at the end of part 3! Mystique, Magneto, and Rouge, should all regain their powers because in the movie it must be shown that the "cure", made for the mutants, by humans, only shut down their powers for a certain amount of time but could not kill their powers permanently! Rouge should be much more powerful and be able to fly in this movie. And Rouge should be paired with Gambit this time and not Iceman because Rouge and Gambit are the original couple from the comics and animated series! It must be shown that Iceman and Rouge broke up longtime ago and are now just friend and members of X- Men team! Gambit should feel attracted to Rouge while they are all working together to stop Apocalypse! Kurt Wagner/ Night Crawler should be included as a part of the movie! Kurt and Rouge should find out that Mystique is their mother! Mystique should wear clothes this time, I am tired of watching her without them! Mystique should have something to do with bringing Apocalypse to life because she wants revenge from Magneto for leaving her there in the previous part!
Upon entering Apocalypse's tomb, Mystique should press a stone button that would bring Apocalypse to life but turns her into stone! Professor Xavier must find a way bring her back to life later then she should also help others in their plan to kill Apocalypse!

Jean should also come back to life because of her internal connection to Phoenix! In the comics, Jean dies several times but she always comes back to life because she is Phoenix! Jean should also bring Scott back to life with herself as well! There should be an explosion where Jean and Scott were buried, in the middle of a night, and then they should both appear coming out of the rubble! But this time, Jean's powers should be under her control. There should be some interaction between Jean and Storm to show their friendship because in the comics and in the animated show they are best friends but in the movies they barely talk to one another! Kitty Pryde/ Shadow Cat should have Lance Alvers/ Avalanche as her boyfriend!

Magneto should not be the villain this time! As a matter of fact, Magneto should realize that he should have been with Professor Xavier all along! There should also be some positive and funny interaction between them since they are childhood friends and now also allies! In the end, there should be a lavished wedding for Scott and Jean! Logan should also give them his blessings as well! Everybody should be at the wedding, enjoying themselves!

In my opinion, Bryan Singer should direct this movie not Brett Ratner becuase Bryan is much more thoughtful and creative! Brett ruined X- Men 3 because he rushed the whole movie! There was no character development in the movie like the previous 2 movies! The director should give each character an important job to do in the movie and a chance to display their amazing powers! Each character should have a chance to shine and steal the scene! And please do not overuse the character of Wolverine this time! I am sick and tired of Wolverine saving the day and be the highlight of X- Men movies! They should all do it together as a team! Give Cylops a major role to play this time! He is never given enough scope or screen time! He is the X- Men leader in the comics, for God sake!

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