06-2007: Marie Claire


Rebecca Romijn, casually attired in a black knee-length sweater, black leggings, and black boots, her hair up in a ponytail, is loping around the Raleigh Studios set of the miraculous little hit show Ugly Betty, a comedy about life at a fashion magazine. Describing the episode she's working on, in which her character, a glam transgender woman named Alexis, finally gets some sugar from a hot Brazilian named Rodrigo, she grows giddy, and I think I know why.

04-2006: Diablo


She’s the quintessential California girl, whose good looks have graced the runways of New York and Paris, not to mention the cover of the ever-popular Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.Blessed with blonde locks, a 5-foot-11-inch frame, and a wicked sense of humor, Rebecca Romijn (pronounced row-main, like the lettuce) has worked hard to launch herself from Victoria’s Secret supermodel to television leading lady and cinematic action star. This month, the 34-year-old Berkeley native stars in a new WB network show, Pepper Dennis.

11-2006: Animal Rescue Foundation 2007 Calender


The ARF 2007 calendar features a dozen celebrities and their pets to raise animal awareness concerns. ARF’s People Connect programs promote the role of companion animals in society. One involves the Visiting Animals Program, in which VAP teams drop by skilled nursing and assisted living residents at 22 facilities county-wide with cats and dogs that are temperament qualified for the experience.

05-2006: Playboy


Playboy: A prominent movie critic called your role as Mystique, the shapeshifting blue mutant in the X Men movies, "the best piece of supermodel casting of all time." Can you top that in the upcoming X Men: The Last Stand? Rebecca Romijn: All I can say is I get even more physical this time. In one scene Mystique is handcuffed in a prison cell, and the only way for her to get out is to strangle a security guard, steal the keys and unlock the handcuffs all with her toes. If nothing else, my feet will get great reviews.

04-2006: In Style


An ornate 200-year-old cuckoo clock marks the hours at Rebecca Romijn's bucolic hideaway. Well, most of the time. The clock, it turns out, is not always wound correctly and twitters its ludicrous chime at random intervals in the day. But this odd temporal lapse only accents the offbeat charm of the residence. Romijn's idea of serenity in Calabasas is a cross between a Swiss chalet and a frontier cottage. Or, as her future father-in-law once dryly observed, the inside of a cuckoo clock. "I thought to myself, Is that an insult?


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