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03-2002 Marie Claire


The first thing Rebecca Romijn notices on the boat is the cage - you know, the one that will stand between her and
a sea full of circling sharks. It is constructed of PVC tubing. It lies, folded, on the deck. And, with apologies to whoever constructed it, it does not appear to be an impenetrable fortress of protection.

"I mean, it's plastic," Rebecca smirks. "I have beach chairs that look sturdier than this."

11-2002 Maxim


Where you've seen her:
One of the world's hottest supermodels, she has graced numerous magazine covers but it was on MTV's House of Style where she made her celluloid breakthrough. A burgeoning career as an actress soon followed with parts in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, X-Men and Rollerball. She now heats up the silver screen as a sultry jewel thief in sexy thriller Femme Fatale.

01-2002 FHM


FHM: 1. What's the best way to say hello?
Rebecca Romijn: With direct eye contact.

FHM: 2. Walk us through what you are wearing.
Rebecca Romijn: I'm wearing jeans - they came from the Denim Doctor. It's a healthcare thing - it's very big in LA. You can take your favorite old Levi's there and they'll operate on them. My black tank top has a built-in bra. The belt's brown with brass studs all over it, and it's got a huge oval brass buckle that doubles as a weapon.

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