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Romijn gives O'Connell Tips


Rebecca Romijn NewsKangaroo Jack star Jerry O'Connell was so nervous when he initially landed his gig as the face of Perry Ellis clothing, he asked his girlfriend Rebecca Romijn for modelling tips.

O'Connell, 31, graces billboard and magazines in ads for the fashion giant, but his 32-year-old ex-model lover helped give him the confidence boost he needed to take on the project.

He says, "I was nervous (about posing) at first, but because Rebecca used to model, she was like, 'Don't be afraid - it'll be cool. Just make sure you smile.' "We actually practiced!"

Rebecca's Family


Jaap Romijn: Rebecca's father is of Dutch origin and is a toy-maker turned furniture-designer. He came to California from Barneveld, the chicken capital of Holland. Jaap Romijn has build custom furniture at his own company "Jaap Romijn & Friends" in Emeryville, California. Today he is living in Port Townsend.

Jaap Romijn living in Port Townsend

Furniture designed by Rebecca's father Jaap Romijn



Does Rebecca Romijn's boyfriend suffer from sexual dysfunction? "Crossing Jordan" hunk Jerry O'Connell says he recently visited a female acupuncturist in L.A.'s Little Tokyo neighborhood, complaining of "problems in the bedroom."

"So they put all these needles into my lower stomach, and then she attaches these electrodes," the 31-year-old O'Connell regaled his tablemates at a lunch in Los Angeles that included his 32-year-old girlfriend and "Oprah" interior decorator Nate Berkus.

Rebecca and Jerry Dating


In July 2004 there have been a few sightings of Rebecca Romijn and Jerry spending time together:

This sighting was posted by Susan Kaye on E! Online:

I spotted Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell at LAX on Saturday, July 17th, 2004 as they walked to a Southwest Airline.

Original article: E! Online

Luv JOC posted in the Jerry O'Connell Fan Forum that her sister spotted the two in Las Vegas over the weekend:


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