Rebecca Romijn

Howard Stern Interview


Howard picked up the next line and heard a woman singing Happy Birthday to him. Howard couldn't place who it was right away, despite the clue she gave him by saying she is his west-coast girlfriend. It turned out to be Rebecca Romijn and after she wished him a happy birthday Howard started grilling her about why she was with actor Jerry O'Connell. Rebecca said she is dating him but denied the reports that she moved in with him. She also denied the reports that Jerry had been calling his ex-girlfriend trying to get her back.

Rebecca and John Dating


The Beginning

Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos first saw each other backstage at a Ghost fashion show in 1994. They kept bumping into each other at different events. The sparks really began to fly between them at the end of the week, when John showed up at Rebecca's 22nd birthday party. "He jumped out of the cake," she jokes. "Just kidding."


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