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Hoax E-Mail


The last days a German hoax e-mail is circulating. It looks like this e-mail is from The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage. The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage never sents such e-mail. So don't react. You can find a copy of the original message below:

Guten Tag,
Da Sie vor einiger Zeit ihren REBECCA-FANPAGE-Tarif bei uns gewechselt haben, müssen wir darauf hinweisen, dass Ihre Zahlung noch nicht bei uns eingegangen ist.

Leider müssen wir darauf hinweisen, das rechtliche Schritte gegen Sie eingeleitet werden können.

Friends Questionnaire


Hi Friends-fans,

I honestly NEED your help! I´m from Germany, right now working on this semester´s final work for university and my topic is the comparsion of a German daily soap and “Friends” as an American weekly show. So to be able to really start working, I need tons of material.

Therefore I´m going to kiss and hug every single one of you, who spends just a few minutes on my questionnaire. Just send it to:



Montreal Gazette Article

Oh, shut up: Victoria's Secret model Rebecca Romijn explains how awful it is to be a famous rich babe: "I feel I have to overcompensate all the time, make myself really human, really goofy, really humble to make people feel comfortable."

Worse, "It's irritating to always have to be ... set-dressing for the world. ... How can somebody take me seriously in a lacy bra and underpants?"

Original article: Montreal Gazette


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