Rebecca Romijn

High School


In high school in California, Rebecca Romijn performed in musicals and was encouraged to try modeling, but she was hesitant. "I didn't think I looked right for it," she says. "I was very gawky, really uncomfortably skinny. I looked like a young colt trying to walk. Or that's how I felt," she says. "My body always hurt from growing too fast, and I had terrible posture. I'd layer my clothes to make myself appear heavier. I just wanted nothing below my neck to exist. I was very insecure.

Rebecca's Youth Part 2


What Book Got Rebecca Hooked?

Rebecca Romijn: Bridge to Terebithia is about two kids, a boy and a girl who become the best of friends. Out of their powerful friendship, and even more powerful imagination, Terebithia is formed. It is a fantasy world that is so exciting, they almost forget the real world exists.

Forget the movie — there's nothing that could possibly be better than this book...

FHM March 1999

Rebecca's Youth Part 1


If you'd seen Rebecca as a child, dancing around to show tunes in her family's home in Berkeley, California, you wouldn't surprised that she wound up basking in the spotlight. "She wasn't a quiet, passive little girl," admits her mother, Elizabeth Kuizenga. Romijn admits that she was shy and awkward, wearing long johns under her pants to augment her skinny legs. Tamara vouches for it: "She was terribly shy. When she wanted to go buy something, I would take her by the hand up to the counter, and buy it."

Television Career Part 2



Maxim: How did you get the House of Style gig?
Rebecca Romijn: First, a job interview. Then I went in and did a video test, which was only so-so--the producer was totally honest with me. But I called the next day from the San Juan airport and said, "I really want this job, I think I could be really good at this job, and I really think you should hire me."

Short Biography


Name: Rebecca Alie Romijn (pronounced 'Row-main')
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: American/Dutch
Born: November 6, 1972
Home Town: Berkeley, California, USA
Father: Jaap Romijn; Custom furniture maker, Dutch; divorced in 1980
Mother: Elizabeth Kuizenga; American-born Dutch; Second Language teacher
Sister: Tamara Romijn; born April 1975
School: Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California
Education: University of California at Santa Cruz (Music, dropped out 1991)



Cast Iron Filter

Cast Iron Filter made a song about Rebecca Romijn in September 2000 (Album: Further Down The Lane):

Well, I suck in bed, it's such a shame
My Saturday nights are all the same
And I wish I was dating Rebecca Romijn
But hell, don't we all?
Got a place inside where you used to be
You could drink Old English like you was a queen
I can't figure out if it's you or me,
But I'm ready to take the fall



Model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn celebrates two Christmases every December, because she's Dutch. The stunner refuses to give up her European festive traditions now that she lives in Los Angeles, and celebrates Christmas on both the 5th and 25th of December. She explains, "We celebrate the Dutch Santa Claus' birthday on December 5th. "He rides a white horse and you leave your wooden shoes in front of the fireplace with vegetables for the horse, and then Santa leaves you gifts the next day. "My husband and I also celebrate on the 25th, so I get two Christmases. Sweet."



It seems the lovely ladies of Scores have a "wish list" of boldfaced babes they want to see strip onstage. Most wanted is
supermodel-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn, a regular with hubby John Stamos. A close second is Gina Gershon who memorably peeled down in "Showgirls." Says our Scores source, "The girls love Gina. They hate Elizabeth Berkley, but they idolize Gina." Alas, when Gershon showed up the other night with rocker Slash and several pals, she declined repeated invitations to shake her stuff onstage.

E! Online Chat


Skibird2: Do you have any plans to go into the studio to record music, and if so, what type?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm really into musical theater--I'm not sure I could cut it as a rock star. But I'd say I like different kinds of music.

Knight4jeri: Would you wear the paint again as Mystique if they asked you back? How bad was it to have them paint your soles? Did it tickle a lot?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm definitely coming back as Mystique in X-Men 2, and we start in May (2002, RRF). By the way, it wasn't my soles that tickled the most.


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