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Yorin FM Chat 09-04-2002 Part 1


Here you can read a written transcript from the Yorin FM Chat with Rebecca Romijn from September 4, 2002. In the real-time chat there was a little time difference between the question and Rebecca's answer on it. I have corrected that time difference, so the transcript is easier to read.

Yorin FM Chat 09-04-2002 Part 2


Rebecca: the most beautiful movie...
Rebecca: my top 3
Rebecca: sound of music, the royal tennenbaums and
rowdy: hello rebecca do you make more movies or not?
Rebecca: the graduate
RRF-webmaster: What's your favourite muppet character?
Eminem: animal of course!
Stevedoc: because he is a drummer too?
STADSRADIO: have you seen gladiator, that is my favourite!!
Rebecca: yes i love gladiator it is fantastic
Rebecca: and of course Amelie

Rebecca's Computer (Ebay)


An interesting Ebay auction (Ebay item 2003640058)

First bid: $ 500, Winning bid: $ 1.100.

Apple Powerbook G3 500 MHz, 384 RAM!
I am selling this unit for John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn . John owned it first and later gave it to Rebecca. The computer is in very good condition. Email me if you have any questions. System runs perfect, there is no software this unit, again the unit runs fine. Powerbook G3 500 MHz 384 ram, 10GB hard drive, DVD/CD-ROM drive, video memory 8 MB, backside L2 cache
1 MB OS 9.1.1.



Despite the fact that John Stamos' wife, Rebecca Romijn, is an actress, it's not likely that you'll be seeing her on his new ABC action drama, "Thieves," which debuts this fall.

"She's too much money," Stamos joked with reporters during Sunday's (July 22) Television Critics Association Press Tour. "She's a diva."

Seriously, Stamos said that he and his wife made a pact not to get involved in each other's projects, and he plans to stick to that.

Rebecca's Computer (Newsgroups)


While surfing in the Google newsgroups archives I found the following message:

From: Ken Hada (***@******.com)
Subject: Re: Discontinued G4 466's
Date: 2001-07-31 10:49:38 PST

in article, EXCEL SM at *******@***.com wrote on 7/31/01 12:00 AM:


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