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Jerry O'Connell and bride Rebecca Romijn will soon be joining the ranks of expectant parents -- if their plans come to fruition. "Rebecca and I are both looking forward to the next logical step," reveals the star of ABC's "Carpoolers" sitcom, who married the "Ugly Betty" actress last July. "We're married, and we both want children soon. That's our plan, and we can't wait."

1997: Models - 30 minutes profiles (E! Online)


Ravishing Rebecca Romijn went from being a down-to-earth girl in Birkenstocks to a larger than life sex symbol wearing practically nothing. An amazing transformation, especially since Rebecca’s body, once made her the target of teenage talks.

Rebecca Romijn: I got called “Strange being”, you know, all the standard skinny kid names that they give you. Kids can be mean.

How did this gawky girl blossom into an uninhibited Victoria’s Secret vixen? How did she snag one of TV’s hunkiest heart drops?

Cannes Interview


Rebecca Romijn: What I really love about this festival is the pump and circumstance and the protocol and the ritual and that red carpet is just, it's like the most official, like THE red carpet, the most important red carpet in the world, you know what I mean? It feels so, it is exciting.

Interviewer: We had off course a lot of questions about the make-up. Now, I remember I actually talked to you for the first one and the second one. Is this process a lot easier than it was in the first and second films?

Countingdown Interview


Rebecca Romijn: The effect that…, first of all it is so cool to play this super villain, you know, I mean, I didn’t…, I wasn’t huge…, I didn’t have a huge awareness of X-Men before I started and off course we have all become, you know, very engaged in what X-Men is all about since we worked on it, but yeah, I mean it is so cool to play a super villain. I love it, I love it and I think she is a really cool and sexy and angry character. I mean…, I totally get why she is fighting her fight and I really connect with her.


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