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NY Post Interview


IT isn't easy being a supermodel and separating that life from becoming a rising young actress. Just ask Rebecca Romijn, who's starring in the remake of "Rollerball" and is the sultry cover girl for the March (2001, RRF) issue of Elle magazine - shot to perfection by the glossy's publication director, Gilles Bensimon.

Rebecca talks about her early difficulties on the set with "Rollerball" director John McTiernan, who at first wouldn't speak a word to her. It seems the filmmaker was totally intimidated by her beauty - until he got the idea to have make-up paint a scar on her face.

McTiernan then became instantly chatty with his star. She was puzzled and asked him what had changed. He got embarrassed. She says: "He told me, 'I have a confession to make. I find it much easier to talk to you when you have that scar on your face. You're one of the world's winners and it was difficult for me to talk to you - overwhelming.'"

Romijn (say it as in "romaine") says she and other models are getting used to this attitude, but it still takes them aback. "It was as hard to take as somebody who doesn't want to talk to you because you're a freak," she says.

"I have to show that I don't take that perfect image of beauty seriously, that I can make fun of it. People started to know me from the way I looked in [print ads], and I realized I've got to show them that this is not really me."

"How can somebody take me seriously in a lacy bra and underpants?" she asks. Well, yes, you get her point - but I'm sure the Elle spread will end up on the bedroom walls of a legion of lusty young men.

Original article: New York Post

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