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11-06-2007: Carpoolers (ABC)


She's crazy hot...and craz-ay. That's the story with Rebecca Romijn's guest stint at 8:30 p.m. tonight on ABC's Carpoolers, as Rebecca steps in to play Joannifer, the ex-wife of real-life hubby Jerry O'Connell's character Laird. It's not every day you get to see Jerry and Rebecca playing ridonkulously funny exes—a dynamic that helps to make tonight's (11-06-2007, RRF) Carpoolers episode one of the best yet and well worth your couch-hugging time!

To celebrate, we are checking in with the big boss man himself, Bruce McCulloch (Kids in the Hall), who created the series and serves as executive producer. Read on to find out what he says about Rebecca's guest role.

Q: So...Joannifer? That's a weird name! What's the story?
A: It came out of this little genius' head. And when I say little genius, I mean me, not her.

Q: How crazy is Joannifer?
A: She's her own force of nature. She's someone we've either dated or who dated your friend, and then your friend goes and gets back together with that person, and you're supposed to be happy, but you're not.

Q: Did Jerry automatically offer up the creative services of his wife, or did you have to go after her yourself?
A: He's cute. He's as energetic as you would think, but because she is an artist in her own right we went through proper channels, even though she was sitting there and stuff. I contacted her people, because I didn't want to embarrass her in case she said no, but she was pretty groovy about it.

Q: Is this a character that could recur, or is this a one-shot deal?
A: Oh, she will come back. If or when we get a back order.

Original article: E!

Jerry O'Connell guest-starred on his then-fiancee Rebecca Romijn's show last season. Now she's returning the favor. Romijn, who's a regular on ABC's "Ugly Betty" and is now married to O'Connell, will guest on the network's new comedy "Carpoolers" this fall, playing the kooky ex-wife of his character, Laird. The couple married in July after dating for two-plus years.

On "Carpoolers," Romijn will play Joannifer (no, that's not a typo), who comes back into the skirt-chasing Laird's life and is focused on winning him back. An airdate for her appearance hasn't been set. "Carpoolers" is scheduled to premiere Tuesday, Oct. 2. The show focuses on the lives of four suburban men (O'Connell, Fred Goss, Jerry Minor and Tim Peper) who hash out their problems on their shared commute to and from work.

Last season O'Connell guested on "Ugly Betty" as a sports-bar patron who hit on Alexis (Romijn) and Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams) after the two fashionistas were stranded in the bar by a blizzard.

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