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10-30-1999: 10th anniversary party MTV's House of Style


These days, being a supermodel is more than looking good while striding down the runway or posing for a magazine cover. A model also can be seen giving interviews, doing publicity tours, making guest appearances on TV talk shows and landing movie roles.

For Rebecca Romijn, that's just another week at the office. She is the host of MTV's "House of Style," which, in past years, helped boost the careers of multimedia models Cindy Crawford and Daisy Fuentes. "It's so much fun. It makes us look a little more human," she said during an interview at MTV's Times Square studio.

MTV is celebrating the show's 10th anniversary with special programming for "Fashionably Loud Week" to be aired Sunday through Nov. 27 (1999, RRF). To mark the event, Mademoiselle magazine put Romijn, Crawford and Fuentes on the cover of its November issue.

Romijn said her job on "House of Style" is to help young women sort out all the styles, trends and sources of influence in fashion. "I've always been intimidated by fashion, and I knew I wanted to make it as disarming as possible and take out the serious element as much as I could," she said. "I try to come off as approachable and have the people who watch the show think I could be their friend - and I could." "House of Style," which doesn't use cue cards or a TelePrompTer, has taught her to think on her feet. "I've learned to tell a story, be funny, be interesting and engaging, but keep it concise in a time frame," Romijn said.

She learned the "fashion rules" early in her modeling career in Paris. But Romijn, 27, said she has adopted a more "rock 'n' roll and relaxed" style since joining the show in December 1997. People magazine named her one of its 50 Most Beautiful People of 1996 - not for her looks, the magazine said, but for her sense of humor about her body and her profession.

When she goes overboard - putting on something too silly or too sexy - her husband, actor John Stamos, becomes the fashion police. "I value his opinion on everything I wear," she said. "I'm one of those girls who goes into the room with one shoe on each foot and asks him, 'Which one?' "

The on-camera party to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the "House of Style" series looks like it was a dull affair. Even Rebecca Romijn, the current "Style" host who conducted interviews for the MTV party, confessed to being a little bored.

She did, however, have fun exchanging quips with husband John Stamos. She introduced him as one of the Backstreet Boys, and he poked fun at his big-hair '80s "Full House" look. ("My hair," he said with a grin, "didn't syndicate well.")

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