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UGO Interview


Question: X2 is the second movie in which you had a makeout scene in a bathroom stall, with Femme Fatale being the first.
Rebecca Romijn: You're not the first person to bring that up. It's going to go on my resume. The girl that makes out in bathroom stalls. Hire me if you want a skanky makeout bathroom scene.

Question: Was it a coincidence, or did you ask for it?
RR: No, it's a total coincidence. Maybe they were inspired after they saw Femme Fatale.

Question: I was inspired after I saw Femme Fatale.
RR: You were?

Question: Oh, yeah! At least you got some shooting days out of the makeup in X2, when you seduced the security as yourself.
RR: Two shooting days. I wish there had been more.

Question: Was the makeup more elaborate?
RR: They definitely improved the process of getting it on and how it looked. Also, it takes 5 hours instead of 8 to get it on. It's a huge difference.

Question: It's implied that Magneto and Mystique may have slept together.
RR: It is?

Question: Yeah. The X-Men are watching her kick some ass and someone says, "She's really good." And Magneto says..
RR: "You have no idea." Honestly, I don't think they would ruin the good thing they have going. They wouldn't cheapen it with sex.

Question: What do you think Magneto would want Mystique to turn into?
RR: I don't even want to go there. What do I think Ian would me to turn into? [laughs] We all know now Mystique is definitely a sexual predator.

Question: Did it ever come up that Nightcrawler and Mystique might be related somehow?
RR: Not in this movie, but I was the one that told Alan [Cumming], halfway through shooting. He couldn't believe it. We came up with backstories of what we'll do in X3, flashbacks of Mystique nursing a baby Nightcrawler with Alan's face superimposed on the baby. Sharp little teeth breastfeeding from Mystique, teleporting from breast to breast.

Question: How much of the Mystique story did you read?
RR: Quite a bit. Once you get into it, the information comes to you. All my friends who were into X-Men kept giving me bits to work with.

Question: There is a new Mystique comic book coming out. I was wondering if you think you could write a Mystique story, with everything you've discovered about the character.
RR: I'm telling you, Alan and I came up with all sorts of stuff. Here's another backstory: If Nightcrawler is her son, why does he have a German accent? My theory is that Mystique went to Oktoberfest and got really drunk and got knocked up and left the baby in the church there.


Question: What did you take away from working so closely with Ian [McKellan]?
RR: He's really funny and always trying to get his cape right. He's one of those guys that's really method and always has to know what his motivation is and what he's talking about. On a movie like this, where the script is constantly changing...and I remember one part where I'm in Stryker's lair doing all the computer stuff, and they come bursting in. He's supposed to run in and say, "Have you found it?" He kept saying, "I don't know what IT is. What is it?" We asked him to please, just say it, because it was going to take another half hour for them to explain it. Just say it and don't worry about it.

Question: When you shape-change in this movie, do the people you're imitating ever come watch how you walk so they can do it?
RR: It's interesting. I never watch how they do it. I feel the other actors should come to me and ask me stuff. The only person that did was Hugh in the first movie during the Mystique/Wolverine fight, when it was Wolverine versus Wolverine. He asked me if he could blow a kiss during the fight and I thought that was great.

Question: Have you been signed for X3?
RR: Yes. Me and Alan and, I think, Hugh.

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