Rollerball Information


Cast: Naveen Andrews (Sanjay), Christian Breivik, Andrew Bryniarski, Kata Dobó, LL Cool J (Marcus Ridley),
Chris Klein (Jonathan Cross), Jean Reno (Alexi Petrovich); Rebecca Romijn (Aurora);

Director: John McTiernan
Executive Producer: Michael Tadross
Producers: Norman Jewison, John McTiernan, Charles Roven, Beau St. Clair
Prod. Design: Norman Garwood
Release Date: February 8, 2002
Screenwriters: William Harrison, Larry Ferguson, John Pogue, Howard A. Rodman, David Wilson
Studio: MGM
Rating: PG13
Revenues first weekend: $ 9 million
Nominated: Worst Supporting Actress (23rd Annual Golden Raspberry Awards)

Pictures: Rollerball Gallery

Aurora Information

Aurora (played by Rebecca Romijn, RRF) is the most skilled and deadly female in the blood sport known as Rollerball. She was first brought on to the Horsemen on the recommendation of the champion Rollerball phenom, Meltdown.

Aurora uses the nickname given to her by her father and will not reveal much about her past, other than that she was a child champion ice skater and excelled at archery. She was educated at home and was the only child of a butcher and a seamstress.

What she conceals of her past is of no matter to the legions of fans who wager on her dramatic flare for the game. While not a player possessing the greatest speed, she prefers to use her vehicle to power and block for her teammates. One only needs to take notice of the killing she made in game two of the semi-finals. She spent the majority of the second half grounded with only her rear tires while wielding the front of the vehicle like a motorized excalibur. Great stuff!

It is no secret that she is also a fan favorite because of her ravishing good looks, even when blood soaked. The merchandising surrounding Aurora is growing and her likability factor is up from last season when she had a shaved head. Keep a strong lookout for more on this sexy warrior.

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