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Rebecca Romijn, who co-stars in John McTiernan's update of the 1975 SF film Rollerball, told SCI Fi Wire that she has seen the final cut of the new film, and, contrary to rumors from a test screening, the film is not a disaster. On the other hand, she acknowledges that much of the film's violence fell to the cutting-room floor in order to secure a PG-13 rating. "It's really fun," said Romijn, who co-stars as the motorcycle-riding, Rollerball-playing, butt-kicking Aurora, opposite Chris Klein, LL Cool J and Jean Reno. "It's a little different from what I thought it would be" when she signed on, she said in an interview.

Romijn added, "Everybody knows we went and re-shot some things. We shifted gears a little bit and made it more of an action movie and less of a satire, which is what it was before. I think the studio [MGM] and John McTiernan had to make a decision about who [adults or teens] they want to go see this movie. It's still great fun, but it's just not as thinky as it was." After several delays, Rollerball finally rolls into theaters on Feb. 8 (2002, RRF).

Later this spring, Romijn will begin production on the X-Men sequel, X2, reprising her role as the lethal shapeshifter Mystique, aka Raven Darkholme. "I'm excited, but I don't really know anything about it," she said. "I'm very curious to see what they come up with. I'm starting to get in shape, starting to work out a little bit and get myself ready for it. But I am curious to see what they come up with."

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Rollerball isn't just a sport for men. Aurora, played by Rebecca Romijn (X-Men), blows the lid off conventional women-in-sports stereotypyes, and she was happy to play such a strong, sexy character. "I'm not the sunny California blonde in this movie," she laughs. "McT wanted to take every ounce of me." In creating her character, she and McTierman decided on jet black hair and a ragged scar etched into the side of her face.

"Aurora sees the ugly side of life," she continues, "and the scar is a representation of that. She's had the scar for years and is very ashamed of it. It really has a profound effect on people when they see a scar on somebody's face."

Romijn describes Aurora as a dark person, a loner who has learned to be very wary. "She doesn't socialize with the rest of the team players," she says. "She doesn't go out, she doesn't party with them. The only person she has a relationship with is Jonathan."

In the film, Aurora and Jonathan have an affair that's kept secret from the rest of the team and its owners, and Klein enjoyed getting to work so closely with Romijn. "She was phenomenal to work with," he says. "She's gorgeous, she's great in the part, and we're lucky to have her in the movie."

Original article: Rollerball press kit

X-Men star Rebecca Romijn pulled the plug on nude scenes in action film Rollerball after discovering naughty producers had added nipples to her covered breasts. The actress agreed to the steamy steam room scene after movie bosses assured her that her private parts would not be shown in the finished film. But she was horrified when she saw an early screening and realised the powers that be used computer graphics to add fake nipples to her breasts. She tells men's magazine Playboy, "There was a shot of me walking across the steam room. I was wearing pasties, and it was foggy, so you weren't supposed to see anything. "I saw that someone had CGI'd nipples onto me. I was like, 'No, no, no, no...' I think I won that nipple battle." The scene never featured in the movie.

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