The site Emode.com has a feature with which you can find out which celebrity best matches with you. Answer fifteen questions and you can read which celebrity is the best match for you. They also give some other celebrities with which you match "less best". I don't know if their answers are right because my (the webmaster) best match is Britney Spears (sic!). But luckily enough Rebecca Romijn was also a good match!!!

Step right up to the catwalk - leggy blond supermodel/actress Rebecca Romijn is your dream celebrity match. And what a match she is! The former Sports Illustrated cover girl is as gorgeous as they come - she was even voted one of People's 50 Most Beautiful People in 1998. The California native is the perfect mix of glamour and goofiness; you get the feeling she'd put on skimpy lingerie and then clown around before bed. But maybe that's just because she's put in a few guest appearances as David Spade's silly-but-sexy ex-wife on the sitcom Just Shoot Me. And, of course, anyone who'd put up with all that blue body paint for X-Men simply has to be a saint. That combination of can-do attitude and sultry style drives you crazy - you never have been able to resist a sexy girl next door type. Ignore the fact that she's married to actor/musician/director John Stamos (Full House's Uncle Jesse), and spend your time daydreaming about a romantic poolside rendezvous, where the two of you can enjoy your own private swimsuit show.

FHM Top 100

The gal, Rebecca Romijn, dubbed "The Jolly Blonde Giant" in high school stars as Aurora in Rollerball, this year's remake of the cult 1975 film. Best known for her role as the shape-shifting Mystique in X-Men, the 5ft 10in Californian actress started as a cover girl for French Elle and worked her way up. The 28-year-old, married to John Stamos, will put you straight on how you pronounce her name. She says: "It's Romaine - like the lettuce."

FHM-US's 100 Sexiest Women

2004: Rank 66
2003: Rank 58
2002: Rank 25
2001: Rank 8
2000: Rank 6

FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World

2006: Rank 86
2005: Rank 99
2004: Rank 58
2003: Rank 51
2002: Rank 34
2001: Rank 37
2000: Rank 42
1999: Rank 79


Who do you think looks better?

Kate Moss: 8.39 %
Pamela Anderson: 13.35 %
Hale Berry: 28.26 %
Rebecca Romijn: 13.35 %
Catherine Zeta-Jones: 36.65 %

Votes: 322


Battle Of The Babes: Rebecca Romijn vs. Gina Lee Nolan

Face/Smile (Out Of 5)

Winner: Rebecca Romijn (Romijn: 4.5, Nolan: 3.5)

Breasts (Out Of 5)

Winner: Rebecca Romijn (Romijn: 4.5, Nolan: 4.5)

Legs (Out Of 5)

Winner: Gina Lee Nolan (Romijn: 4.0, Nolan: 4.5)

Stomach (Abs) (Out Of 5)

Winner: Tie (Romijn: 4.0, Nolan: 4.0)

Rebecca Romijn Wins With A: 17.0/20

Gina Lee Nolan Comes In Second With A: 16.5/20.0

Original article: Justpics.com


Supermodel Heidi Klum is the sexiest mother alive, according to Screensavers.com, dubbed by The Los Angeles Times recently as the country's "pop-culture pulse taker." Two Canadians -- Pamela Anderson and Shania Twain -- also made the top-10 list.

For the second year in a row, the 31-year-old model ranked first on the Hottest Mom Download Index, getting 94,619 hits, said Screensavers.com. Klum beat out Angelina Jolie, who was number two, followed by Anderson, Britney Spears, Monica Bellucci, Rebecca Romijn(???, RRF), Nicole Kidman, Twain, Liv Tyler and Madonna.

Klum gave birth May 4 last year to her first baby with Italian racing tycoon Flavio Briatore, and is expecting this September with swooning singer Seal. Kate Hudson, Uma Thurman and Courtney Love were bumped from this year's list.

Original article: TheGlobeAndMail.com

Stuff 2003

Actress Monica Bellucci has been named the "Sexiest Woman in the World for 2003" by men's magazine Stuff. Bellucci, who will next be seen in the Matrix sequel, beat out Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, and last year's #1, Britney Spears, for the top spot. The annual Stuff supplement is included with the magazine's January 2003 issue on stands now.

Stuff's top 10 "Sexiest Women in the World for 2003":

10) Gwen Stefani (No Doubt)
9) Krista Allen (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind)
8) Cameron Diaz (Charlie's Angels)
7) Shakira (singer)
6) Britney Spears (singer)
5) Shannyn Sossamon (The Rules of Attraction)
4) Jennifer Love Hewitt (singer/actress)
3) Jamie-Lynn Sigler (The Sopranos)
2) Jennifer Lopez (singer, Maid in Manhattan)
1) Monica Belluci (Matrix Reloaded)

Other sexy women named to the list include Pink (#100), Kelly Clarkson (#91), Kylie Minogue (#82), The Women of The Real World: Las Vegas (#79), Lucy Liu (#65), Halle Berry (#49), Carmen Electra (#42), Rebecca Romijn (#41), Christina Aguilera (#31), Brittany Murphy (#29), Pam Anderson (#17), Kelly Hu (#15) and Jennifer Garner (#11).

Original article: PRNewswire.com

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