The Con Artist


Cast: Sarah Roemer, Rebecca Romijn, Donald Sutherland, Rossif Sutherland

Director: Risa Bramon Garcia
Producers: Paul Barkin, Kirk D'Amico, Paula Devonshire, Larissa Giroux
Writers: Collin Friesen, Michael Melski

Studio: Myriad Pictures
Time: 84 minutes

Pictures: The Steal Artist Gallery

A smart and sexy romantic comedy with an action twist. Vince (Rossif Sutherland) is an ex-con on parole after five years in prison for a heist gone wrong. He wants to go straight, but his former boss and loan shark, the dangerously quirky Kranski (Donald Sutherland) reminds him in no uncertain terms that he has a big debt to pay and won’t be free until he pays it off.

Discouraged, Vince resumes his life of petty crime and works days in Kranski’s auto body shop. On the side, he continues with a hobby he developed while in jail - metal sculpture. After a night of furiously working out his frustration and rage with a welding torch and a pile of scrap metal, he collapses exhausted, just as super-hot art dealer Belinda (Rebecca Romijn) brings in her car for servicing. She takes one look at Vince’s sculpture and knows he’s the next big thing. She fully intends to cash in.

Belinda sells Vince’s sculpture for an outrageous price, and soon Vince is the talk of the art circuit. Everyone wants to meet him. Vince is uncomfortable with the attention, but figures he will be able to pay off Kranski sooner than expected. He starts to think about his future, a future that might include Belinda’s beautiful assistant, Kristen (Sarah Roemer), if he can get away from Belinda, who has her clutches into him deep.

And if that wasn’t enough, Kranski finds out about Vince’s new business and threatens him if Vince doesn’t share the spoils with Kranski and his boys. Fed up, Vince and Kristen concoct an elaborate scheme to put Kranski out of business for once and for all - if someone doesn’t get killed first.

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