Does Rebecca Romijn's boyfriend suffer from sexual dysfunction? "Crossing Jordan" hunk Jerry O'Connell says he recently visited a female acupuncturist in L.A.'s Little Tokyo neighborhood, complaining of "problems in the bedroom."

"So they put all these needles into my lower stomach, and then she attaches these electrodes," the 31-year-old O'Connell regaled his tablemates at a lunch in Los Angeles that included his 32-year-old girlfriend and "Oprah" interior decorator Nate Berkus.

"Jerry likes to exaggerate," Romijn chimed in, adding that she later revealed to the acupuncturist that O'Connell, in truth, is a total stud in the lovemaking department. "She freaked out," Romijn said. "She said you could do serious damage to your kidney or pancreas or whatever [with an unnecessary treatment]. They take acupuncture really seriously. It's like going to the hospital for them."

The 33-year-old Berkus - whose redesign of O'Connell's house will be featured on Monday's (02-05-2005, RRF) "Oprah" - confided that he was considering a different sort of treatment. "I was thinking about getting some Restylane injections," Berkus blurted, referring to popular treatment to add volume to lips and fill in wrinkles and folds. Romijn reassured him: "You totally don't need them."

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