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The latest "X-Men" movie adventure considerably ups the romantic stakes. The blue-skinned metamorph Mystique, again played by Rebecca Romijn, shows her seductive side. "She's much more sexual in this film," says Romijn. "And she tries to use her ability to transform into others to take care of her sensual needs. At the same time, Mystique gets to display a little more humor - and some outrage," she adds.

Romijn noted, "When Mystique is asked why she chooses to keep her freakish look, when she could take the appearance of anyone she wants, she tellingly replies: 'Because I shouldn't have to.'" In addition, the actress appreciated advances in makeup effects, as well as the opportunity to appear more or less as herself - sans blue skin - in one key scene.

Romijn is still blue over her "costume" as Mystique in the "X-Men" sequel "X2," but she is happy about several improvements. The blue makeup that caused her to become ill has been made less toxic, its application time has been reduced from eight hours a day to five, and she's not required to wear special contact lenses.

Not that viewers will notice the difference. "It's a glorified bikini, is what it is," she said. "But the effect is I'm naked, and I've been in denial about that from day one." At least for "X2" she has company with whom to commiserate, fellow blue mutant Nightcrawler (Alan Cumming).

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