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Director Bryan Singer won't say much about the upcoming sequel to the hit comic-book adventure "X-Men." The story is shrouded in secrecy, but he can reveal this: It's set for release on May 2, 2003. "I can tell fans that we'll have some new characters is this one, some of them young and others old," Singer told the Associated Press on Wednesday. Last year's sci-fi epic "X-Men" starred Patrick Stewart as benevolent psychic Professor X and Sir Ian McKellen as megalomaniacal metal-shifter Magneto, leaders of two rival factions of mutants. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Halle Berry as Storm and Rebecca Romijn as Mystique also are expected to return for the sequel. Singer said the plot will involve a war between mutants and the humans who fear them. "The stakes are higher and bit more dangerous in this one," he said. Tentatively titled "X2," the sequel is set to begin filming in May 2002.

Original article: Deseret News

Cumming isn't the only blue creature in the movie, of course. Rebecca Romijn reprises the role of the indigo shapeshifter Mystique. This time, however, Romijn said she hasn't gotten sick from her full-body makeup. "The process has gotten a lot better," she said at the press conference. "We're not using the same kind of paint. We're not using the same kind of glue. They've completely changed the process. We've gotten it down to under four hours now, which is huge for me. But I've had a few 2 a.m. calls, we're still working on that. And the cleanup is a lot better. Yeah, I don't get sick like I got last time. But I still have blue in my ears [laughs]." X2 is in production with an eye to a May 2003 release.

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