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Fort Worth, TX: In your opinion, when I go to see this movie, what will I come away with as the most memorable scene?
Rebecca Romijn: Oooh! That depends on the individual, because there are a lot of great moments in the movie. It also depends on whether you're male or female. Magneto's escape from prison is really fantastic....there's also a tent scene with Wolverine that's pretty great.
Berkeley, CA: Did you do all your own stunts and fighting scenes?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm from there!!! I did not do all my own stunts, although I threw a lot of my own punches and kicks. Mystique has a very unique fighting style, so they had to find a gymnast who was my height (Vicki, also from the first movie). She watched me to study Mystique's serpentine ways, and I'd watch her to ask her to incorporate gestures. For the flipping she had to wear a harness, which had to be removed in post production.
Berwyn, IL: In the first film Mystique dosent have a real big role but now that she's the only one left of Magneto's henchmen, does she have a bigger role in X2?
Rebecca Romijn: She has a lot more to do in this one, and in this one she's more humorous and sexual. Not that
she'd ever ruin what she has with Magneto...
Whittier, CA: Who do like most abour your character and was there anything you learned from doing this role?
Rebecca Romijn: I like her sense of humor and sexual side. She's a smart cookie and well utilized by the brotherhood. She's sort of a techno wiz, which I'm not, and I like playing a character who's a female bad ass who never apologizes for it.
Los Angeles, CA: Do you think fans of the comic book will be pleased with the adaptation of Mystique?
Rebecca Romijn: It was scary, especially the first time around, because we felt the pressure from the huge fan base, and we didn't want to disappoint. We were aware of the people on the Internet talking about the costumes and the makeup, etc. For the most part reaction was so great, that we went into the second one with more confidence.
Irvine, California: Hey Rebecca! I was just wondering...The "costume" you wear for your character Mytique is beautifully done but what is it made out of? Is your entire body doused in make-up or is it some sort of rubber suit? Thanks and good luck with the movie!
Rebecca Romijn: It's about 100 individual silicone prosthetic pieces strategically placed like a bikini. Some pieces are thicker than others to add support. The rest is painted. They put it directly on my skin, which meant no lotion or sweating. It's very fragile, and it's disintegrating as soon as it's on. There's constantly touching up. It's not itchy, but when you get an itch it's impossible to scratch. You have to go into a very Zen place when you're in it. If you have an hour until your next setup, you ask yourself whether to nap and do touchups or to sit around. On the first one it took 8 or 9 hours a day to apply, and on this it took 5 or 6 hours.
Adelaide, Southg Australia: By any chance do you know why they decided to make Mystique nearly naked instead of giving her an actual leather costume? believe when I say you have a great body in X-men but you probably would have felt more comfortable in something less revealing right?
Rebecca Romijn: Mystique is a metamorph and on a molecular level clothes get in the way. In the comics she
wore a white flowey dress, and that was a gripe that the fan boys had about the first one.
Mobile, Alabama: Good morning, The movies that I have seen and or heard of you being in have all been action/adventure type films. Do you see yourself continuing along this path perhaps being the next Lara Croft in the future or do you want to do more dramatic films?
Rebecca Romijn: I actually just finished Godsend with Greg Kinnear and Robert DeNiro, where I play a normal mom. That was really nice for a change. It's about a couple whose son dies, and DeNiro is a doctor who clones their so
Roselle, NJ: How did you prepare for the physical demands of this role in both X-Men and X2?
Rebecca Romijn: I do Pilates every day, which makes me bendy and stretchy. I also hike every day. I worked with the stunt coordinators and stunt double in the big fight scene.
Billings, MT: I know you've probably been asked this at least 100 times, so I'll make it 101....How long, costume-wise, did it take to get into character for Mystique? Did it itch, or cause any irritation? Did it drive you mentally nuts being confined like that for hours on-end? I can only imagine what that must have been like all day in a costume like that! And by the way, you just continue to get prettier by the day! Thanks from your fan in Billings!

Rebecca Romijn: Absolutely crazy! It was great having Alan Cumming on the set as another blue person, since he'd understand. On the set people stare at you all day long, and it drives you crazy.
Panama City Beach, Fl: Hi Rebecca! What's next for you?
Rebecca Romijn: Godsend the movie, in the fall. I've been reading scripts, but it's nice to be at home with my husband and dogs, figuring out what to do next.
Austin, TX: Hello Rebecca, since you've worked with some of the best directors such as Bryan Singer, Brian de Palma and John McTiernan, can you compare how they work ?
Rebecca Romijn: Directors are all odd birds (like actors!). They all have their own style. They're all brilliant in their own way. What makes them all great is that they're so good with the over the top action and imagery, but also the quiet moments are just as important.

Original article: USAToday.com

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