NY Post Interview


IT isn't easy being a supermodel and separating that life from becoming a rising young actress. Just ask Rebecca Romijn, who's starring in the remake of "Rollerball" and is the sultry cover girl for the March (2001, RRF) issue of Elle magazine - shot to perfection by the glossy's publication director, Gilles Bensimon.

Marvel Interview


Take it from us, Mystique is going to wreak all kinds of havoc in the X-MEN movie. Without giving anything away, Mystique -- played by supermodel Rebecca Romijn -- will be doing lots of morphing, and her character's changes should provide a lot of the film's surprises.

In fact, Mystique is already getting a buzz as the summer movies' coolest villain. Romijn has appeared on several magazine covers this summer in anticipation of X-MEN.

Rebecca's Opinion


Rebecca Romijn, the leggy model who plays a shape-shifting chameleon named Mystique in the forthcoming sci-fi flick "X-Men," had to sit through eight hours of makeup while her body was covered with reptilian scales and spray-painted bright blue. "The paint was really sticky, a horrible feeling, and the fumes were very bad. So we were lighting candles every day to make it smell better, "Romijn recalls. "At one point, I was looking everywhere for the matches. Then the costume women told me they were stuck to my butt! Everyone was laughing so hard."

Time Interview


Time: You changed your name to Romijn-Stamos. Why? It's a beautiful name.
Rebecca: It is. I love the alliteration of it. But for me it's part of being a family, everyone having the same name.
Time: Is he John Romijn-Stamos?
Rebecca: No.
Time: Well, what's up with that?
Rebecca: Maybe I should talk to him about that.
Time: Aren't we as a society past the swimsuit issue? Doesn't it make sports seem like a stupid, male-only obsession?

New Standard Interview


No matter how good it looks on the outside, it's what's inside that matters, right?

So inside this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue are 10 pictures of Rebecca Romijn, jaw-dropping snapshots of her kneeling in the sand, falling off water skis, on the roof of a Jeep. In several, the only thing that separates her from an R rating is a strategically placed hand or a piece of fruit. In others, the only thing she wears is some body paint and a smile.


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