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Hi, my name is Imad Khan and I live in Chicago. I am a huge X- Men fan! I watched all the X-Men movies and I still watch the X- Men animated series on TV! The reason I am writing is because I want to see another X- Men movie and I am sure so do many other fans of the franchise! I have a storyline in my mind for it!

USA Today Interview


For Rebecca Romijn, having the looks of a model wasn't as important as having the patience of a model on the set of X-Men, opening July 14, 2000.

The former MTV House of Style host, who plays the mutant villain Mystique in the action film, endured makeup sessions that lasted six to eight hours, which was how long it took to apply about 70 self-sticking silicon scales to her body and paint her bright blue.

Maxim Interview


Maxim: Our villain character, Mystique, is shapely and a shapechanger. If you possessed her superpower in real life. who would you morph into?
Rebecca: How about Pamela Anderson so I could have sex with Tommy Lee? [Laughs] No I'm kidding. Although that's probably your fantasy of me. Actually I'd morph into either Ben or Jerry so I could walk into any Ben & Jerry's store and get free ice cream anytime I wanted.

X-Men Information


Cast: Halle Berry (Storm, Ororo Munroe), Bruce Davison (Senator Robert Kelly), Hugh Jackman (Wolverine, Logan), Famke Jansen (Jean Grey), Tyler Mane (Sabretooth, Victor Creed), James Marsden (Cyclops, Scott Summers), Ian McKellen (Magneto, Eric Lehnsherr), Anna Paquin (Rogue, Marie), Ray Park (Toad, Mortimer Toynbee), Patrick Stewart (Professor X, Charles Xavier), Rebecca Romijn (Mystique, Raven Darkholm)

Marvel Interview


Take it from us, Mystique is going to wreak all kinds of havoc in the X-MEN movie. Without giving anything away, Mystique -- played by supermodel Rebecca Romijn -- will be doing lots of morphing, and her character's changes should provide a lot of the film's surprises.

In fact, Mystique is already getting a buzz as the summer movies' coolest villain. Romijn has appeared on several magazine covers this summer in anticipation of X-MEN.

Rebecca's Opinion


Rebecca Romijn, the leggy model who plays a shape-shifting chameleon named Mystique in the forthcoming sci-fi flick "X-Men," had to sit through eight hours of makeup while her body was covered with reptilian scales and spray-painted bright blue. "The paint was really sticky, a horrible feeling, and the fumes were very bad. So we were lighting candles every day to make it smell better, "Romijn recalls. "At one point, I was looking everywhere for the matches. Then the costume women told me they were stuck to my butt! Everyone was laughing so hard."


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