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The latest "X-Men" movie adventure considerably ups the romantic stakes. The blue-skinned metamorph Mystique, again played by Rebecca Romijn, shows her seductive side. "She's much more sexual in this film," says Romijn. "And she tries to use her ability to transform into others to take care of her sensual needs. At the same time, Mystique gets to display a little more humor - and some outrage," she adds.

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Why Rebecca Romijn felt blue on 'X2' -- Five hours of makeup application had the model/actress, who plays villain Mystique, seeing red. Despite walking naked through the snows of northern Alberta, Rebecca Romijn (who plays azure-skinned, clothing-averse Mystique in 'X2') always maintained a stiff (frozen?) upper lip. They put down fake snow on top of the real snow -- basically potato flakes,'' the 30-year-old actress reports cheerfully. 'So between takes, there'd be three people -- including Ian McKellen -- scraping gummy, disgusting potato goo off my feet.' Sounds lovely.

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Director Bryan Singer won't say much about the upcoming sequel to the hit comic-book adventure "X-Men." The story is shrouded in secrecy, but he can reveal this: It's set for release on May 2, 2003. "I can tell fans that we'll have some new characters is this one, some of them young and others old," Singer told the Associated Press on Wednesday. Last year's sci-fi epic "X-Men" starred Patrick Stewart as benevolent psychic Professor X and Sir Ian McKellen as megalomaniacal metal-shifter Magneto, leaders of two rival factions of mutants.


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