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Cast: Stanley Anderson. Derrex Brady, Chris Coppola, Tony Crane (Lenny), Catherine Keener (Elaine), Jay Mohr, Al Pacino (Viktor Taransky), Barry Papick, Jeffrey Pierce (Kent), Evan Rachel Wood, Barbra Rae, Rebecca Romijn, Winona Ryder (unbilled cameo), Jason Schwartzman, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Michael Weston

Costumes: Elisabetta Beraldo
Director: Andrew Niccol
D.O.P.: Derek Glover, Edward Lachman
Prod. Design: Jan Roelfs
Producers: Bradley Camp, Daniel Lupi and Andrew Niccol
Writer: Andrew Niccol

Vogue Interview


Rebecca Romijn has been defending her reputation as a tough chick. The Victoria's Secret beauty, who gave up modelling to try her hand at the acting game early in 2000, has taken time to set the record straight about a recent story about her that appeared in the National Enquirer. "There was a story that I snotted on Al Pacino when I was doing a make-out scene in a movie called Simone, "she tells a US magazine. "They said a drop fell out of my nose and onto his face - which it did - but they said I ran away crying, which isn't true. I was embarrassed, but I sure wasn't crying.

Elle Interview


The plot [of Simone, RRF] involves a film director who secretly creates a computer-generated actress to replace a temperamental real one, and the simulation becomes a star. Romijn plays the fake of the fake - a stand-in for the simulated woman, to fool paparazzi into thinking she really exists. (The implication fo the casting, of course, is that Romijn is the closest God has come to a computer-perfect female.)

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